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About Gridiron Forwarding Co., Inc

Gridiron Forwarding Co., Inc. is a privately owned, domestic and international freight forwarder of all commodities. The company, specializis in the movement of used household goods and personal effects.


International removals
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Gridiron Forwarding Co., Inc holds the following relevant licenses:
U.S. DoT


Gridiron Forwarding Co., Inc is accredited by the following associations:

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Out of 1 Sirelo reviews
0% of the users recommend this moving company
This moving company scores a 6.2 out of 18 reviews on other platforms.
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I have worked with 13 different TSPs in my 17(+) of military service; 3 different TSPs on this last move alone. I have never had such a horrible experience, across every aspect of my move, as I have with your company; the other two TSPs I interacted with on this move were absolutely great, even phenomenal in some aspects, and the reviews I have written for them reflects.

Gridiron’s communication was horrible throughout the process.  I received one call in April with an introduction and I heard nothing after that until I started trying to call in early June to get dates for when the movers were going to do the inventory for a one that was scheduled to occur a week later. On pickup day, the origin carrier arrived way past the 5pm no later than time, and Gridiron was no where to be found. Why didn't Gridiron contact me that day, or anytime in the next 10 days to ask me how pick-up went?  Where was Gridiron engaging with the carrier on my behalf?  They weren't!  

Furthermore, they accepted a contract to have my goods delivered on 5 August; on Gridiron informed me on 29 July that it would be late. At 12:35pm on August 8th, they attempted to contact me for same day delivery of my goods, subsequently putting my goods in short-term storage because they did not receive any of my subsequent calls or e-mails in time. Gridiron then shirked all your responsibility for the goods being delivered beyond the RDD.  Their lack of responsibility for their own actions is unacceptable at best, and unethical at its worst.

The trouble continued after I filed a claim for lost and damaged goods in my shipment. If I had a previous issue with a client, real or perceived, I would have over communicated with them in all subsequent interactions. I would have replied to the client sometime before I left the office for four days to tell them I had received their e-mail and would process it as soon as possible when I got back into the office the following week. I would not have waited until the evening hours of the 5th day until the client CC’d the President of the company before I responded; and I would have for sure responded fully and completely the day after the President was informed. Furthermore, I would certainly have not waited 7(+) days after unilaterally closing the claim with a check for the client to inquire on the status, before I disclosed to him/her of my actions.

In all the actions I took to seek accountability for Gridiron in the Department of Defense (DoD) personal property system, I discovered what I could have already assessed. Gridiron has a severely negative reputation among many professionals in the DoD system.
Personal Responsibility
Moved from Honolulu (United States) to Camp Lejeune (United States)

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