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Long Distance Moving Costs Guide | 2024

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Estimating your long distance moving costs is certainly no easy task –the number of factors that can influence your final costs can certainly make your head spin! To give you a hand, we’ve created a complete guide to help you figure out the costs of your long distance move. That’ll be one weight off your shoulders, at least!

Costs of Moving to Another State

Whether you’re moving from New Orleans to Seattle or Texas to California, a long distance move can take you anywhere. No matter the distance, when we refer to long-distance moves, we mean moves that take you out-of-state. Here’s the money question –how much do long distance movers cost? First, it’s important to highlight that the price of your move will be influenced by two big factors:

  • The distance of your move —the larger, the higher your long distance moving costs will be!;
  • How much you’ll be hauling —need help figuring out the size of your move? Our nifty moving space calculator can help you calculate this!

We know this comes as pretty common sense, so let’s talk numbers! When it comes to the weight of your haul, moving companies tend to charge around $0.50 to $0.70 per pound. This might sound low, but trust us, it adds up quickly –especially if you have specialty items like a grand piano! To give you an idea, the cost to move a 1 bedroom apartment across country can be anywhere between$1,000 to $4,500 –a clear example of how distance plays a huge role!

Cross Country Moving Estimates by Home Size

To give you a better picture, we’ve compiled a bunch of estimates of cross country moving costs for full-service moves between popular cities in the U.S What’s a full-service move, you ask? This is the most expensive type of move because it goes beyond the typical loading/unloading and transporting services of a regular move. A full-service move can have your movers (un)packing your boxes, (dis)assembling furniture, and sometimes even storing your haul!

New York City Long Distance Moving Costs

Planning on moving out of The Big Apple? Here are approximate long distance moving companies rates to other big cities popular for New Yorkers:

Los Angeles, CA$2,683 – $4,800$4,800 – $6,801$6,801 – $8,770$10,581 – $14,353
Miami, FL$2,104 – $3,679$3,679 – $5,137$5,137 – $6,602$7,966 – $10,795
Chicago, IL$1,950 – $3,383$3,383 – $4,699$4,699 – $6,031$7,279 – $9,863
Dallas, TX$2,225 – $3,914$3,914 – $5,485$5,485 – $7,055$8,511 – $11,537
Seattle, WA$2,680 – $4,794$4,794 – $6,791$6,791 – $8,757$10,565 – $14,331

Los Angeles Long Distance Moving Costs

Moving from the City of Angels? These are the long distance moving costs for popular moving destinations among Angelenos:

Seattle, WA$2,042 – $3,558$3,558 – $4,957$4,957 – $6,365$7,675 – $10,394
Las Vegas, NV$1,651 – $2,801$2,801 – $3,833$3,833 – $4,899$5,907 – $7,987
Chicago, IL$2,364 – $4,181$4,181 – $5,881$5,881 – $7,568$9,127 – $12,369
Portland, OR$1,967 – $3,413$3,413 – $4,742$4,742 – $6,084$7,337 – $9,934
Atlanta, GA$2,438 – $4,322$4,322 – $6,090$6,090 – $7,841$9,453 – $12,812
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Cost of Long Distance Moving from Chicago

Leaving the Midwest? Here are the ballpark estimates of the cost to move across country from Chicago:

Denver, CO$2,014 – $3,504$3,504 – $4,877$4,877 – $6,260$7,548 – $10,221
Phoenix, AZ$2,231 – $3,923$3,923 – $5,497$5,497 – $7,067$8,520 – $11,542
Houston, TX$2,007 – $3,490$3,490 – $4,856$4,856 – $6,231$7,512 – $10,171
San Diego, CA$2,367 – $4,187$4,187 – $5,889$5,889 – $7,580$9,141 – $12,389
Washington, DC$1,839 – $3,165$3,165 – $4,374$4,374 – $5,605$6,758 – $9,148

Cost of Long Distance Moving from Houston

Moving out of the Lone Star State? These are some of the most common destinations for people moving from Houston:

Atlanta, GA$1,871 – $3,226$3,226 – $4,465$4,465 – $5,721$6,896 – $9,331
New York City, NY$2,262 – $3,986$3,986 – $5,592$5,592 – $7,194$8,679 – $11,764
Austin, TX$788 – $1,327$1,327 – $1,808$1,808 – $2,308$2,781 – $3,758
Seattle, WA$2,390 – $4,229$4,229 – $5,953$5,953 – $7,660$9,235 – $12,512
Los Angeles, CA$2,189 – $3,841$3,841 – $5,376$5,376 – $6,910$8,330 – $11,283

Cost of Long Distance Moving from Phoenix

If you’re looking to move out of Phoenix, these are the approximate long distance moving cots to other cities known to be popular to Phoenix residents:

Minneapolis, MN$2,100 – $3,667$3,667 – $5,116$5,116 – $6,566$7,908 – $10,700
Seattle, WA$2,061 – $3,591$3,591 – $5,004$5,004 – $6,420$7,732 – $10,460
San Diego, CA$1,636 – $2,768$2,768 – $3,784$3,784 – $4,832$5,818 – $7,859
Austin, TX$1,928 – $3,333$3,333 – $4,621$4,621 – $5,921$4,621 – $5,921
Las Vegas, NV$1,621 – $2,739$2,739 – $3,740$3,740 – $4,773$5,745 – $7,756

Please keep in mind the prices listed above are just estimates, and not actual quotes. Your final long distance moving costs will vary depending on the number of services and movers you hire, the weight of your belongings, and the distance of your move among many other things!

Long Distance Moving Costs 2020: Cost to Move Across Country

Factors Affecting Your Long Distance Moving Costs

So, you know the distance of your move and the weight of your belongings are the main variables in the cost of your move. But what other factors are involved when movers calculate your bill? We know this part can be tricky, so here’s our list of the key factors that can influence your total cost to move across country:

  • Moving Date: The day of the week and the season you choose for your move can influence your total costs – weekends and summer months tend to be more expensive. Tip!: Try to book your moving date early too!;
  • Number of Movers: Keep in mind that moving companies tend to charge around $25/hour per mover in addition to your contract costs, so more doesn’t always mean better in this case;
  • (Un)packing Services: Want some help packing and unpacking? That’s going to cost you too, unfortunately;
  • (Dis)assembly Services: The same goes for having movers disassemble and reassemble your furniture!;
  • Packing Supplies: If you buy packing supplies like boxes and tape from your movers, that’s going to come at a premium;
  • Speciality Items: Moving certain items like a grand piano is definitely require some extra care –take note if you have any items that are fragile!;
  • Moving Insurance: We recommend at least getting liability coverage from your movers. It might seem unnecessary but trust us, you’ll be glad you got it if say, your plasma TV arrives broken.

Long Distance Moving Costs 2020

Moving Tips: Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country

And of course, who doesn’t want to save money? For being in the moving industry for as long as we have, we’ve learned a few tricks here and there 😉 .  So, we’ve also compiled a list of tips on how to save as much as possible during your move!

Moving tips for a long distance moving

We hope that after reading this article you have a better idea of how much your long distance move can approximately cost. If you’re still in need of an extra hand, we got you! Check out the articles linked below for even more tips on how to organize your move successfully. 🙂