Local Movers Cost 2020: How Much Will My Local Move Cost?

On this page you’ll be able to find important information about the current local movers cost in the United States. You’ll also be able to get insights on exactly what are the factors that can influence your total moving costs. For personalized cost estimates, we recommend that you fill out our quote form.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Locally?

When we talk about “local” moves, we refer to moves that occur within the same state. Generally, companies base their costs on an hourly rate (≈$25 per hour/per mover), or on a flat rate. A flat rate would be the company’s estimate of the number of hours the move will take multiplied by their set hourly rate.

However, it’s important to note that this isn’t always the case. Often, if the distance is larger than 50 miles, the mover might base their costs on the amount of pounds transported (≈$0.50 to $0.70 per pound). The distance requirements by which movers decide to switch from hourly/flat rates to weight-based rates vary per state.

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Factors That Can Influence Your Local Movers Cost

There are several factors that can have an effect on your local movers cost. Within the most relevant ones, you can expect:

  • Distance: The further your moving destination is, the more expensive transportation will be.
  • Size of your move: The bigger the size of your move, both in terms of volume and weight, the more expensive it will be.
  • Moving date: The time of the year and day of the week in which you decide to carry out your move can have an influence on your local moving costs. The most expensive days to move tend to be weekends and the most expensive time of the year to move is summer.
  • Contract costs: Moving companies usually charge around $25/hour per worker needed to perform the move, meaning your costs will also be influenced by the amount of movers you decide to hire.
  • Packing/unpacking services: Hiring movers to pack and/or unpack your belongings for you can also increase the final cost of your move.
  • Packing supplies: Common supplies like boxestape and plastic wrap can quickly add up during the packing process, resulting on higher local moving costs.
  • Disassembly and reassembly services: Moving companies offer disassembly/reassembly services for an extra fee. So if this is a service you’re interested on, keep in mind that it will drive your final costs higher.
  • Speciality items: Moving fragile/special items require a set of skills and supplies that will cause your local movers costs to increase.
  • Moving insurance: Most movers offer different levels of liability coverage –and it’s quite likely that you’ll want to purchase one of them. Depending on the type of coverage choose, your final costs will increase by a higher or lower amount.

Local Movers Costs 2020: How Much Will My Move Cost?

Average Local Moving Costs

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of a local move is around $1,170. Remember that this price usually varies depending on the moving distance as well as the amount of belongings you wish to move.

To illustrate this better, we summarized the average moving costs for full-service local move based on distance and number of rooms moved in the table below.

DistanceStudio1-bedroom2-bedrooms3-bedrooms and up
<50 miles$764 – $1,283$1,283 – $1,743$1,743 – $2,227$2,690 – $5,469
≈100 miles$794 – $1,342$1,342 – $1,831$1,831 – $2,342$2,828 – $5,749
≈150 miles$803 – $1,357$1,357 – $1,853$1,853 – $2,368$2,856 – $5,787

*Keep in mind that these prices are estimates of a full-service move. The less services you require, the lower the costs will be.

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Tips to Cut Down Your Local Movers Cost

We know that moving is not only usually stressful and time-consuming, but it can also be quite expensive. In order to cut down your expenses as much as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Carefully choose your moving date: Try to schedule your move for non-peak moving seasons.
  • Try to find as many free boxes as you can: Local supermarkets tend to have boxes laying around that they wouldn’t mind giving to you for free.
  • Declutter your belongings: Go through everything you’re planning on moving and assess whether there are items you’d rather get rid off than bring along with you.
  • Try packing everything yourself: As we mentioned before, packing/unpacking services can significantly add costs to your move.
  • Request moving quotes from multiple companies: Requesting quotes from different companies will allow you to discriminate between prices –this can help you save up to 40% on your move.

Next Steps

We hope that you’ve found the information we’ve provided useful. As well, we hope that you now have a better idea of how much your local movers cost can approximately be! If you’re looking to perform a long distance move instead checkout: