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Change of Address Checklist

Who To Notify When Moving?

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It’s no secret that moving can be stressful, as remembering everything that needs to get done during a move isn’t a piece of cake. A crucial task you cannot forget carry out is notifying the right people and places about your move. After all, you don’t want to miss out on that secret admirer’s letter, right? Or perhaps more realistically, on a bill you must pay in time to avoid a fine. 😉 As our job is to make your life easier, we’ve put together a change of address checklist for you –check it out below!

Governmental Agencies

First things first, trust us when we say that governmental agencies are a high priority when it comes to notifying others about your move. These institutions are certainly the last you want to forget to pass on a change of address to, unless possibly running into legal trouble is a risk you’re willing to take. Hey, no judgement if you do, but we’d go out on a limb and guess you’d probably want to avoid this. 😉

The most important government institutions you that should be part of your change of address checklist include:

1. United States Postal Service

The best place to start the process of updating your address is your local post office. This will guarantee that your mail safely reaches you at your new home, as USPS takes charge of forwarding your correspondence from your old to your new address for up to one year after your move. Luckily, you can tick off this item of your change of address checklist quite quickly by simply filling outthis quick form.

2. Social Security Administration

In case you’re currently receiving benefits from the government (think Medicare, disability, retirement benefits, etc.), it’s important that you inform the SSA about your move as soon as possible. You can easily update or change your information through the SSA’s online form.

3. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

If you’re interested in receiving your tax returns or a stimulus check, it’s best that you ensure to give the IRS a heads up about your change of mailing address. Luckily, this is a pretty simple process which can be fully done online. All you need to do is fill out Form 8822and voilà, address changed —pretty easy, no?

4. Voter Registration

You certainly don’t want to miss out on voting! So, better make sure you update your voter registration with your new address to ensure your district is informed to ensure that the correct polling location is communicated to you. You can do this either through this online form or during a quick visit to the DMV.

5. DMV

Last item to tick off your change of address checklist when it comes to governmental agencies is the DMV. Whether you’re moving across state lines or not, you’re required to notify the DMV about a change of address within the first 30 days of your move.

If you’re moving interstate, you’ll not only need to update your license but also your vehicle registration as well. Unfortunately, to update your address at the DMV you’ll have to personally visit one of their offices.

Sirelo Tip! We all know that waiting in the DMV is as exciting as watching paint dry. So, to save yourself some time, make sure you make an appointment beforehand. But, still make sure to bring a nice book along with ya’ just in case.

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Utility Providers

Trust us when we say that moving into a house with no electricity, running water, gas, or an internet connection is a situation that certainly sounds straight out a Stephen King novel. As so, if you’re moving within the service area of your utility providers, we advise that you update them about your change of address ASAP so that they can ensure that the activation date of their services will coincide with the day of your move.

The main utility companies that certainly must be included in your moving change of address checklist include:

✅ Water

✅ Gas and electricity

✅ Internet, cable and phone services

✅Garbage and recycling services

Sirelo Tip! If you’re moving outside of your current utility providers’ service area, ensure to carefully check your current contract to guarantee you cancel it correctly. This is especially important if you’re moving on a budget, since we can imagine you’d like to avoid having to pay unnecessary cancellation fees, right? 😉

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Insurance Companies

Moving to a new area brings along a new set of risks. Because of this, it’s certainly in your best interest to warrant that your insurance providers are part of your change of address checklist. Below you can find a rundown of the most common insurance-related institutions you cannot forget to notify about your new home address:

1. Medical & Life Insurances

It’s good to remember that insurance claims can be rejected for even the smallest details. So, it goes without saying that you need to notify your health, dental, and life insurance providers about your change of address –even if you remain within the same state and under the coverage of the same provider.

2. Homeowner’s/Renter Insurance

It doesn’t make much sense to provide insurance coverage for a property you no longer reside in, does it? 😉 Because of this, it’s smart to remember to pass on the address of your new home to your homeowner/renter insurance provider. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be required to hand over proof of ownership or rental of property to these providers.

3. Car Insurance

Unfortunately, vehicle insurance is just one of those things which varies from state to state. Therefore, we advise that you contact your car insurance provider before your move to make sure they’ll still be able to cover you in your new location, and to check if your coverage needs modification.

Financial Institutions

One of the easiest ways for someone to steal your identity is through mail theft. To make sure you protect your sensitive information from being exposed to the wrong person, it’s vital that financial institutions are part of your change of address checklist.

Below are some financial institutions you certainly don’t want to forget to update:

1. Banks

We know it can be simple to forget with online banking, but your bank absolutely needs to be informed about your new mailing address. After all, it’s likely that they will mail you statements, debit or credit cards, and other sensitive financial notices you don’t want arriving at a location you no longer reside in.

2. Loan Providers

Are you paying off a student loan, have a mortgage on your new home, or are you paying off your car? Or perhaps all three? (We certainly hope not!) While we know this might seem like an ideal opportunity to leave debts behind, we would encourage you to let your loan providers know about your move as soon as possible. This way you will guarantee you won’t miss out on any payments, which could heavily damage your credit.

3. Tax Preparation Services

Delays, tax audits, and even lost refunds don’t sound like something anyone would enjoy, right? In case you receive help from an accountant or tax specialist during tax season, make certain that they’re included on your moving change of address checklist!

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Other Relevant Categories

Last but not least, there are three other categories that should wrap up your change your address checklist include:

1. People & Animal Care

It goes without saying that both you and your furry friend will still medical coverage no matter where you relocate to. This not only includes your doctor, dentist and vet, but also other specialists like orthodontists and optometrists. Keep in mind that by failing to notify these providers can not only lead to missed appointment reminders but also issues with insurance claims/payments.

2. Family & Friends

This may be somewhat obvious, but updating your immediate family and friends about your change of address is a must. Fortunately, technology makes notifying your loved ones about a relocation is fairly simple. All you have to do is make a social media post, send a text through a group chat, or if you prefer keeping it old school, send a few letters by post.

3. Subscription Services

We’re certain that you don’t want your subscription delivery packages showing up at the wrong address. To avoid this, change your address on online retailing websites as soon as you move into your new home.

Common subscription services you’ll likely need to inform include:

✅ E-commerce sites (e.g.: Amazon Prime)

✅ Print subscriptions (e.g.: New York Times)

✅ Subscription boxes (e.g.: HelloFresh)

Sirelo Tip! Don’t forget to also update your billing address on online services like Netlix, Hulu, Spotify, Uber, and so on and so forth.

And That’s a Wrap!

We hope that this change of address checklist will help you keep track of all the relevant institutions who must be informed about your big move.  In case you might still need an extra hand planning the rest of your move, why don’t you give the articles linked below a read? It’ll be worth it, we promise. 😉