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Direct Global Shipping LLC is a fully licensed Freight Forwarder. Their goal is to offer the best services and rates to all customers, no matter how big or small the shipment is.

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 on Sirelo
We are writing to caution anyone intending to use Direct Global Shipping, LLC (Direct Global) has an international freight forwarder to reconsider. As outlined below, Direct Global misled us, ignored our communications and took advantage of us to charge additional fees.

Direct Global was hired to arrange for the shipment of our personal belongings to be packed in a 20-ft container from the United States to the Czech Republic. We were quoted a price for this move. A representative of Direct Global promptly answered our calls and electronic mail messages assuring us Direct Global was competent and an honest company with expertise in international shipments. Relying on these conversations and Direct Global’s years in business, we signed a contract and paid a deposit of 25%. Thereafter, Direct Global failed to communicate with us promptly and at times the situation was so bad that representatives from Direct Global made us feel communicating on the shipment of our personal belongings was a bother to him rather than a service we paid for.

Despite their years in business, we found they were not familiar with custom regulations in Europe, did not know about port and other charges and always deflected the responsibility to their “agent” in Europe. Moreover, Direct Global failed to complete some import/export forms for our shipment. For example, we had to personally redo the forms for each box.

Even more disturbing were the needless delays in the loading and shipment of our personal items. Less than 24 hours before the scheduled loading of our container, Direct Global informed us that the United States shipping company could only supply a 40-ft container. Instead of apologizing for the mistake and providing the larger container, Direct Global asked us to accept the larger container but insisted we would have to pay more for their mistake. We refused and were forced to reschedule the loading two days later. This resulted in hours of personal time rescheduling our movers and cost us tremendous time to reschedule movers and some additional storage problems.

Immediately after Direct Global took possession of our property, representatives of Direct Global notified us that the steamship line had changed the price and demanded we pay an extra $661. Since Direct Global had our possessions, we had little alternative but to agree. Surprisingly, we were invoiced for the higher price on two occasions, but the deposit we previously paid was lower on the invoices provided. No detailed or valid explanation was provided for this discrepancy, which was corrected after we notified Direct Global. Moreover, Direct Global threatened that if we did not pay their price, our personal belongings would not be delivered.

Matters only got worse once our container arrived in Europe. We were notified by the Czech agent representing the international shipping company that our container was at the port but would not be released since Direct Global did not pay the shipping company. Direct Global received many messages from the Czech agent, but they failed to pay the shipping company. Our personal belongings remained at the European port for about two weeks after which time storage fees would be imposed if the container was not moved. Direct Global had many excuses for their failure to pay but eventually paid the fee after both the Czech agent and I continued to insist Direct Global pay the fee. Direct Global did not, however, inform us that an additional fee would have to be paid to drop-off our container in the Czech Republic.

In sum, Direct Global abused our trust and cost us in time, aggravation, and money. Their knowledge of international shipping was lacking, their attitude towards customers was unprofessional, and their service was, at best, inadequate. Moreover, after we signed our contract and paid the initial deposit, Direct Global demanded more money for superfluous services while providing no good expertise, guidance, or assistance in moving our personal belongings.

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Moved from Rockville (United States) to Prague (Czech Republic)
 on Sirelo
Total charlatans. Took 6 months to pick up goods. Container delivered to destination port but cannot clear customs because it has no legal bill of lading. Paid over 12k and now accumulating storage fee since the goods have no paperwork. Owner [name removed by Sirelo] and agent [name removed by Sirelo] are the most unprofessional con artists in the business. Stay awy from DGS
Moved from Houston (United States) to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
 on Sirelo
Unprofessional, incompetent, and I believe Extortionists
On 12/2/201, got an estimate for 20 ft. Container for 9,480.00. Paid 2,080.00 to get started. They could not find someone to load and ship my household goods for over 6 months. Driver and helper arrived on 12/13/2021 to load. Driver had bad back, so helper did most of loading. Took two days and two trips. Was told if I paid extra, would ship right away. Household goods were not shipped until after I paid another 12,938.64. The household goods arrived on July 1st at Cartagena. Since it took them over 120 days as required by Colombia, had to jump through hoops and another 1000.00 dollars. Movers Direct Global hired the told me I had to pay 3,500.00 more to get items delivered. After paying that price, they then demanded another 4,000.00 dollars. Received my household goods in August at a cost close to 24,000.00 dollars. This is almost triple from estimate.

A shipping company in Miami gave me an estimate a little over 12,000 and this was from point A to point B. Included everything. Tried to save a few thousand and ended up costing me dearly.Read more
Moved from Athens (United States) to Bogotá (Colombia)
 on Sirelo
This company is bunch of two totally unprofessional, arrogant and rude named [names removed by Sirelo]. I booked 40 feet container with them and they gave me very good quote (only good thing they did).

After that I deposited 25% for shipping on 28th of the June and only after submitting deposit, they told me they can not book on 28th June due to congestion and next available date is 20th of July. They told me that container driver will give me a call on 19th and container will be arriving at 9 a.m. next day. I reserved the local loaders on hourly basis but neither I got call from container driver and nor these two guys replying to any of my call or emails. On 20th of July at 10:00 a.m. they told me container is not coming and they will book for 12th of August with new price.

I asked them for refund as clearly mentioned in terms and conditions 'Deposits are non-refundable 3 days prior to pick up date. If the customer needs to cancel in this timeframe no refund will be offered'. In my case there is no pickup date for next 3 days and even after 3 days but they arrogantly refused.

I have filed complained in FMC and have meeting with attorney after couple of days.
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After deposit, they will hardly attend your calls and emails
Moved from Frisco (United States) to Karachi (Pakistan)

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