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At ShippingMyGoods.Com, their mission is to go above and beyond for every customer in order to provide you with the best shipping solution that caters to your specific shipping needs.

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 on Sirelo
So far, I would rate zero stars. I planned my overseas move with [Name removed by Sirelo] one year in advance. Started off fine, but once my stuff was picked up, I have almost zero communication. In fact, I think at this point my calls, emails, and IM's are being dodged. It's been 2 months since my items have been picked up and no one knows where they are. The status,... are they lost.... am I paying for storage of my lost items? The only thing I want to know is if I still have belongings and a tentative ship date. But I honestly feel my items are gone at this point. For the level of customer service I am getting, I should have gone with a different company. Avoid them. You get what you pay for, lesson learned way to late.
Moved from Leander (United States) to Montpellier (France)
 on Sirelo
RUN FAST AND FAR. Never use this company. First, I wish I had checked the reviews for this company -- I was in a hurry and I didn't. Second, I wish I could leave NO STARS as a review. When you can get them on the phone oh yes, they're so pleasant and sound helpful. My shipment was understandably delayed in the post-pandemic world, which I understood. But when it finally arrived, NEARLY EVERY PIECE OF FURNITURE WAS IRREPARABLY BROKEN OR SEVERELY DAMAGED. Broken furniture frames, torn upholstery, MISSING PIECES. They clearly had not properly wrapped or padded the items, and my grandmother's loveseat looked like a car had been parked on it. I contacted the company about claiming on the insurance I had taken out with them. First, they told me they were so sorry and were going to change my insurance forms to reflect higher values on my items. I said 'so you're going to file fraudulent information to the insurers'? Didn't matter, I NEVER saw a CENT of compensation. And they never ever contacted me or returned any of my calls or emails. Irreplaceable items from my childhood were ruined, and apparently I paid them to do it! I hope there is a special place in hell waiting for the people who run and work for this company.Read more
Careless with furniture
Moved from Los Angeles (United States) to London (United Kingdom)
 on Sirelo
Never use this company to ship your goods.
My experience with this company is among the very worst I have ever had. It took almost nine months to deliver my goods from Los Angeles to my home in Ireland, something that should have taken less than 2 months. They were quiet friendly at the beginning though I had to ask repeatedly before getting the price in writing. The worst feature of this company is that they will almost never answer the phone, emails or WhatsApp and they seem never to be able to provide any useful update. I was eventually told that WhatsApp was the best way to contact but nothing changed. In the entire 9 months my calls or emails were only answered a handful of times and the reply was either “I must send an email to the shipping company”, “I haven’t received a reply from the shipping company” or “I will call you back shortly”. I almost never got a call back.
This company never once could tell me where my shipment was or when it might get delivered. At one point I got something like a tracking number but even that gave no real indication of where my goods were or when they would arrive.
Here are some other things worth mentioning.
This company was just an agent for Schumacher Logistics. I made contact with Schumacher twice but they would not answer any questions referring me back to shippingmygoods, who couldn’t or wouldn’t ever provide an update. Always deal directly with the shipper, not some 3rd party wannabe agent.
I had arranged a pickup of my goods on the day before I flew out from California for Ireland. The goods were not picked up as arranged so I had to beg a friend to not go to work the next day and left copies of the documentation with him in order to be there for the pickup.
This company solicited the paperwork for customs from me which I immediately provided. At one point they took it on themselves to make changes to the list but ended up deleting some line items which I had to correct. In any case, when the goods did finally arrive in Dublin I had to provide all those documents again myself.
After the goods were finally cleared the delivery company delivered someone else’s goods. On the second try my own goods arrived, 9 months after pickup.
When the final bill came they were overcharging me by $100 as they misrepresented the deposit that I had already paid.
If you like frustration and suffering and delay then by all means hire this company. But if you prefer good service and on time delivery do not consider using this company.
Read more
Moved from San Clemente (United States) to Cork (Ireland)
 on Sirelo
They truly deserve zero stars and for the business to be shut down. They have no sense of ethics, professionalism nor responsibility. At first they will pair you with someone and that person will contact you and follow up on your questions, once they have your goods, you are at their mercy. They will ship whenever, add cost at every turn and completely ignore your calls, emails etc. Horrible experience!!!! we paid so much to get our shared container to Turkey. We were quoted a price that rapidly doubled once our boxes left our possession. I will never recommend this company, and while I have breath, I will publish my discontent for their services. Please do not go with their initial quote. They low ball it to hook you on. I repeat Do Not Go With This Company for your moving needs, you will regret it eternally. We thought about suing them for the added costs (almost $3000) tagged on by the port. Custom office, etc because of their negligence in responding with the necessary paperwork. But at this point we don't want anything else to do with them. They will get one day what they have so wrongly done to so many customers. The positive reviews you see on here, are employees or family members. Ignore those. They have an F rating with the BBB.Read more
Moved from Dallas (United States) to İstanbul (Turkey)
 on Sirelo
Should've trusted the reviews....

At first [Name removed by Sirelo] was very active and easy to reach. Since I've paid the $300 fee and shipped my stuff he's fallen of the face of the earth and there's no way to get hold of them.

I've lost all my stuff and don't know how/who/what/where to claim the damages...
Terrible, terrible company
Failure to comply
Moved from Chicago (United States) to Amsterdam (Netherlands)
 on Sirelo
Their offer was fast and less expensive than other revocatoria, but once we paid 300 usd to confirm service, they disappeared, none replies on phone or email. Besides i asked for bill relevant to payment in advance but i never got it, so this look like a tefth. Pick up still pending after one month and no nessun about anything.
Do Not apply to this company for your moving, they are not professional at all.
I lost time and money and instructed a new company to handle the cargo.
Unprofessional and not reliable
Moved from New York (United States) to Bologna (Italy)

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