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If you have a choice, do not use SI Logistics to move your household goods. I used them to ship my goods in an international move to Israel. I shipped about 15 boxes and a Peloton, which can not be purchased in Israel. I paid for them to pack the Peloton specifically because I knew I did not have the skill to ensure that it would be packed securely. They say 'We will load and secure your goods in the container, on pallets, or in crates'. When my pallet arrived in Israel the Peloton was not secured, the steel frame was bent in 3 places and it had been placed on a box containing art marked 'Fragile, Do not lay flat'. The art in that box was destroyed, and the Peloton is not usable. It now has 3 support legs instead of 4 and the handlebars are bent down instead of up. I have reached out to them many times to give them an opportunity to negotiate with me to make up for the lack of services they provided for me that I paid for. Their only response to me was they were not responsible and had shown me a picture of a plastic-wrapped pallet that I can't confirm is mine, nor can I confirm the quality of packing under the plastic. They claim that the pallet was repacked at the port, and someone there, who they hired, repacked which resulted in the state it arrived to me. The only reason that would have been done is if the pallet had fallen apart. Additionally, they should continue to be responsible for the quality of work their partners provide. All of this demonstrates negligence as the pallet did not survive even a cross-country trip, much less an ocean voyage. They refuse to reply to my messages either via email or phone. This has been particularly difficult for me as Israel has broken out into war, and going outside is limited. Having an opportunity to exercise in the safety of my home, would have been a blessing for my mental health, especially under these stressful conditions. It is why I paid to ship it, it has been such a help to me, and there is no concern for what has been destroyed, the cost of shipping that was simply wasted, or the cost of very expensive and special equipment and art. I now have to pay someone to remove the Peloton from my apartment. The total cost and loss to me is over $6000. They say customer service is everyone in the company's responsibility. From what I can see no one takes responsibility for customer service. They have stolen so much from me. Do not use them.Read more
Moved from Colorado Springs (United States) to Tel Aviv (Israel)

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