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License number: 2037368 
Checked by us on: July 29, 2022


Alpha Marine, Inc. is an international freight forwarder with the knowledge, experience and comprehensive resources to transport your goods globally. Whether clients need to ship household goods, personal effects, vehicles or commercial goods, they provide a step by step process to meet those needs and deliver goods worldwide.

Sirelo asks...

What makes your company stand out?

Our entire team works in unison to serve your relocation needs through pro-active communication coupled with finding the most cost-effective and efficient mode of transportation for the your goods. We ensure we are the single main contact from beginning to end for a satisfying and seamless process, and guarantee that you will always be able to speak with someone at our office (not an automated messaging assistant).

What is your insurance policy? How do you deal with damaged items?

We provide All Risk and Total Loss insurance. We work with a great insurance company who can assist claims, is responsive, and trustworthy.

What is the best advice you would give to customers?

We know that it is a very stressful time--there's no doubt about it. The best advise we would give to customers is to be ready for your move. Specifically, ensure that you have any and all documents you may need to in order to have the smoothest experience. Also, be ready in the sense that you are mentally prepared to make this big move. We advise that you choose a company who you feel comfortable with, who you can call and talk to, and who you feel you can trust.
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 on Sirelo
Durchweg freundliche Mitarbeiter, sehr gut organisiert, sehr kompetent, Ein- und Auspacker waren sehr bedacht, dass nichts kaputt geht.
Alles sehr bruchsicher verpackt
Sehr gut wieder zusammengebaut
Moved from Cupertino (United States) to Dransfeld (Germany)
 on Sirelo
Was knowledgable, very responsive and worked with my requirements. I feel the move has been well organized and is in professional hands so far. The moving company that picked up my things was very professional. However, it will be about another 8 weeks, or more, until I receive all my items at the destination. I hope the experience with the local moving company here will be just as good!
Moved from Morgan Hill (United States) to Hamburg (Germany)
 on Sirelo
Ce déménageur a été un des premiers à nous contacter,le prix est dans les plus corrects,et surtout le contact humain était dès le départ la été le meilleur

J,ai déjà évoqué ci dessus les raisons,à savoir notre contenter n,a pas encore été livré il est supposé arrivé dans 3/4 semaines donc je ne peux encore me prononcer sur la fin de livraison
Contacts rapides et humains
Prix,qualifié déménageur
Demande de papiers après le déménagement pas facile quand les ordinateurs et les printers dans les conteneurs.
Moved from Aptos (United States) to Le Beausset (France)
 on Sirelo
Did an excellent job of packing and taking my furniture. Will know in a few months how the furniture arrives in France.
Good job so far. Movers were great and careful.
Moved from Petaluma (United States) to Rabastens (France)

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