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License number: 23564
Checked by us on: July 29, 2022
License number: 2847607
Checked by us on: July 29, 2022

International Movers Network, Inc, headquartered in New York licensed and insured by the federal maritime commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC). They in the business of packing, moving and unpacking people’s personal belongings. They do their best to insure that they are your first choice for any international moving needs personal and corporate needs.

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Most details went as communicated. Company was not clear enough that moving day was actually a range of days.
Moved from Cincinnati (United States) to Ponteareas (Spain)
-Paid for whole container $13K- originally $9K for half, then had to use all of it- OK, paid. Now, the container has been lost in Miami, and now lost somewhere. No due diligence, no customer support. I'm including the Part 1 of the contract- and not the additional 4.5K paid for the container. Packed 12-13 JULY,'s October, now!!
Moved from Brandon (United States) to Panama City (Panama)
Response of
The goods are store at the warehouse and waiting for the shippig line to have available vessel to use.
Seems that client didn't receive our update emails regarding the delay that cause by the shipping line vessel schedule.
Our service based on the shipping line scheduled.
The client may forget to mention all the extra work that we had to complete for her for free.
The contract is based on 500 CF, and on the move date, the client decide to increase her shipment for 1000 CF without any notification.
They accommodated me with very little notice and laid out a step by step guide on how my goods would be transported. Overall very pleased, so far. However my goods, have as yet, not arrived at their destination.
They were clear and precise in dealing with me. They were also very helpful with any queries I had and if they couldn’t answer a question they would get back to me quickly
The coordinator [name removed by Sirelo], was very easy to deal with
Moved from Highland Indiana (United States) to Elgin, Scotland (United Kingdom)
Response of
Hello George,

Thank you for your feedback.
Your goods are scheduled to be loaded at the warehouse in Skokie, IL into a 20' container on October 12.
The current sailing schedule from the shipping line is November 1 from Norfolk, VA port, and the estimated arrival date for Grangemouth port is November 17.
Online tracking will be emailed once we to received vessel sailing confirmation from the shipping line.
For any additional questions, please feel free to reach us.

Thank you
Not full score due to the oacking company not up to standard in certain aspects. Also late status updates provided.
Good back office support
Selected not up to standard packing company at pickup location
Late status update provided
Moved from Fearrington (United States) to Malmo (Norway)
Response of
Dear j,

Thank you very much for your feedback.
Everyone involved was courteous and professional all throughout the entire supply chain from pick up to delivery. They provided regular updates and explained the process while answering all of my questions. I will recommend your services to others in the future.
Moved from Columbus (United States) to Barcelona (Spain)
Response of
Hello N. F.,

Thank you very much for the kind words! We are always striving to provide the quality of service that you describe in your review with all our customers.
I used the moving services of International moverd network to move from Miami, FL, USA to Waterloo, ON, Canada. It was very easy working with these guys. They're very punctual and professional
. The price was very reasonable. They were always rensponsive to my emails. The guys who came to pick up or drop off my things were very professional and punctual. None of my things broke or damaged.
Moved from Miami (United States) to Waterloo (Canada)
Response of
Hi Abhik,

Thank you for your kind’s words! We appreciate your business
The whole experience with International Movers has been excellent. I particularly appreciated the communications I had with IMN, their Ohio and Canadian agents. Each organization played its part with my best interests at heart.
Excellent communications
Kept to targeted schedule from pickup to delivery
Moved from Cincinnati (United States) to Toronto (Canada)
Response of
Hi W.,
Thank you very much for the kind words! We are always strives to provide the quality of service that you describe in your review with all our customers.
If there is a zero /10 I would’ve used, they promised us 6-8 weeks delivery and it’s been 10 weeks still not even close.
When we complained about it they replied threatening us. They assigned the cheapest companies to handle our shipment overseas.
I have all the emails and documents to show their lies and misleading information about delivery dates.
Not professional
Moved from Indianapolis (United States) to Kuwait (Kuwait)
Response of
No one promise to you 6-8 weeks time for door to door.
11/16/2019 your goods picked up from OH
12/11/2019 The vessel sailed from NY port
The vessel is schedule to arrive Kuwait port this week.
As per our signed contract (page 4 and we are willing to share), arrival time of vessel as we sent is estimate, not confirmed as we follow the shipping line and the Co loader schedule.
Our agent doing excellent job from day 1, as they emailed you and kept you posted.
Hi [Name removed by Sirelo], of course! I am so thrilled with the service. I only have a few more things to check but so far everything has arrived in perfect condition. I had brilliant communication throughout and this was all so much easier than I thought it would be. I am so grateful. More than happy to leave a great review online, please just let me know how. Thank you so much again!
[Name removed by Sirelo]
Moved from Boston (United States) to Fontenay Sous Bois (France)
They trapped me with a low quote. Never sent anyone out (even though I asked numerous times) and it was thousands more then my quote. I could never get intouch with the awful person [name removed by Sirelo] who cheated me out of so much money
Moved from Montclair (United States) to Hillerød (Denmark)
Response of
Hi K.S

We do not have you as a client in our system. You may have us confused with another moving company.
Professional movers came to pick-up our furniture. Unfortunately a glass table top broke accidentally while packing. We were present for the arrival of the furniture in Europe. One cabinet door had a crack that was fixable with wood glue and a table top had a deep gauze that will remain visible after repair. No other major damage. Delivery in Europe was also professional and at the expected time.
packing and unpacking crews at both ends were professional, helpful and hard working
office staff at both ends were helpful planning the pickup and delivery dates/times
some damage to furniture as mentioned above
Moved from Cortland (United States) to Gorssel (The Netherlands)
Response of
Dear Eddo,

Thank you for your feedback.
We are very sorry to read about the table top damage.
Warm regards from all our staff.

Dear [names removed by Sirelo],
We would like too thank you so much for your help to transport my household belongings from Texas to Prague, Czech Republic. In the ]beginning I was hesitated to choose your company since there are few negative comments on YELP website. I told [name removed by Sirelo] (who is my first contact person at IMN) about that. Then [name removed by Sirelo] promptly called me back and explained about those negative comments and insured me that IMN is a good transport company and will try to do their best to support the clients. This quick response from IMN manager impressed me and it does show that you do care about your clients. The other thing that made me choose your company is the way that you follow up with me who is your client. I did not have experience with shipping before. When I had questions about packing or etc , .both [names removed by Sirelo] would respond to my questions very fast which helped me lots. I am very happy that I made a right decision to choose IMN for shipping my household things. A container arrived at my place in Texas on time.The driver is very nice and very polite. The shipping company in Czech Republic is also very good and very efficient. They contacted us about the arrival of our container and informed us what they needed for paper work, customs and etc. My household things in the container arrived to Czech Republic in a very good shape and on the expected date without any problem. The driver of the contaner is also very nice and very polite. We are very happy and very pleased with both international movers network company and the company in Czech Republic. We would recommend your company for people who want to ship their belongings abroad from the US.We would rate your company five stars for our shipping.
Thank you again for your great service.
Best Regards
[name removed by Sirelo]
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Moved from College Station (United States) to Prague (Czech Republic)
Response of
Thank you for choosing International Movers Network, Inc, we are glad to hear you had a positive experience
Incredibly disappointing experience! Moving overseas can be a stressful time and especially so when deciding to bring all your personal belongings with you. Choosing International Movers Network Inc was therefore a decision I took after some deliberation and research. In this case, the bad reviews were correct.

I booked this back in July as we were moving from US to Norway. After a lot of questions and emails I decided to go with them. Prompt response to my questions, but that doesn't do much when the answers were lies/deceiving. By the way, now we cant get a hold of them to register our complaint. Go figure!

I was given a time frame of 6-8 weeks total before I had my stuff in Norway. 3 months later and it just arrived! They gave me the wrong departure dates, wrong arrival dates, and wrong times to be sitting in customs. Misinformation at every single step.

I was given a quoted price, but in order to be accurate I gave precise measurements of what I was sending. Of everything in inches! I was then informed that there could be an extra charge depending on how much space my belongings took up in a container. Since I gave very accurate measurements I asked why this couldn't be an accurate quote, and was told that its just the way it is. I ended up sending LESS belongings than what my quote was for. Now I was sure I didn't have to pay any more since I am sending even less than my quote. I was wrong! I was still charged an extra 30% after they had picked up my belongings! 30% extra when sending less!!! They knew they had all my belongings at the dock, and I had left the country, so they could basically hold me hostage over this. Which is exactly what it felt like. I was offered free total loss insurance as a remedy, but when I pointed out that it actually doesn't do anything as ALL my belongings has to be destroyed for that to kick in, it became a take it or leave it thing. Very unprofessional and it didn't seem they cared.

My belongings did all arrive and there were some pictures that were damaged along with some boxes. Not that I can get anything back for that of course because total loss insurance doesn't cover when only a few things are damaged. My hopes are sincere that they are an aberration and that the entire industry is not like this. I would strongly advise to go with someone else!
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Prompt response to email questions before booking
Much more expensive than quoted
Took much longer than promised
Moved from Orlando (United States) to Balestrand (Norway)
Response of
Hi Ole,

Sorry to read your email.
We are very sorry that the door to door service took a few weeks longer than what we may have advised you.
As per our contract, we indicated the you that final volume will be measured after goods are placed on pallets (page 3), and also explained as per page 7 how the measurement will be done.
You have agreed and signed on all our contract term, a copy can be provided at any time.
Our salesperson emailed you on June 17th and explained that the final volume of goods (after being placed on pallets) can increase by 25%-30%, we can send proof of the email.
According to our signed contract, all packing boxes service was excluded as per your request.

Thank you

The shipment arrived at the designated location complete and with minor damages. That’s the positive. The scheduling for the pickup and the delivery in the destination country, however, was pathetic. No planning was possible for the customer, because whatever time frame or dates for pickup or delivery provided by IMN or the delivery company were simply obsolete when communicated. Not sure how the dispatch offices were planning the tours, but the result was the same for both: the crews had to work overtime and with stress which showed in the final packaging and documentation quality.
Engaged pickup crew
Reasonable packaging
Time keeping and scheduling really bad
Testy response when customer complains
Moved from New Milford (United States) to Gudensberg (Germany)
Response of
Hi M,

Thank you for your feedback, very much important to us.
Todo fue más o menos bien. Al recoger mi menaje se les olvidó incluir un par de piezas de muebles en el inventario. Después de mucho insistir y enviarles fotos aceptaron agregarlas al inventario.

El menaje me llegó dentro del plazo que me indicaron, lo cual fue bueno. Pero al entregar mi menaje en México, había various muebles dañados (mesa con dos patas rotas, secreter con una pata rota, librero con base rota, armario con pata rota). Vi que estaban empacados muy mal. Además, me perdieron un librero muy grande y sólo me llegaron los entrepaños. Les pedí repetidamente que trataran de localizarlo. Un mueble tan grande no se pierde fácilmente (más de dos metros de altura por 1 metro de ancho). Me ignoraron. Me dijeron que no lo encontraban y simplemente me mandaron la forma del seguro dos veces. El mueble costaba tanto como el deducible y no he podido encontrar uno similar.

Se acabó el buen servicio, la amabilidad y el profesionalismo. Obviamente les molestó que yo insistiera en encontrar mi librero. Además sospecho que inflaron el número de piés cúbicos, pero no puedo probarlo. Esperé a escribir esta experiencia con la esperanza de que me demostraran más interés en resolver mi problema. Por eso me tardé dos meses en escribir esto.Read more
Muebles dañados y/o perdidos
Una vez pagado, se acabó el buen servicio.
Moved from Islamorada (United States) to Mexico City (Mexico)
Always very quick to answer any queries and [name removed by Sirelo] in the New York office was very helpful and friendly. Our move is not complete yet as shipment hasn't left yet, but I am expecting everything to be OK.
Competitive quote
Good communication
Moved from Palm Harbor (United States) to Bournemouth (United Kingdom)
Response of
Thank you very much for your feedback
Dear all,
congratulations for the efficiency, good services and kindness in regards to my move from USA to France. I would like to thank especially the part of the staff who took care of everything with great professionalism and kindness. you were wonderful. To [names removed by Sirelo] and the Demarine truck driver Thanks a lot for the wonderful work.
Best Regards.

Etel Touitou
Moved from Carteret (United States) to Les Angles (France)
Response of

Thank you very much for your feedback
They did a good job but my shipment arrived one month after it was supposed to arrive, and the company failed to communicate with me properly over the delay.
good care
Moved from New York (United States) to Mexico City (Mexico)
Although everything arrived safely except for two items, communications were difficult because English was not the first language for both the personnel in the US and Portugal although it was actually better in Portugal. Also the original cubic footage estimate from IMN went up nearly 85% when my shipment was actually picked up in Columbus. Although I inquired as to why this happened, I never got an answer but they did give me a discount on the overage. In Portugal the biggest issue was that I was unable to make an appointment with the local parish in time to process the necessary paperwork to bring my shipment in duty free so I ended up paying customs and duties which was nearly the same as the shipping costs so 'heads up' to anyone. You need to ask for more detailed information about the process on the other side of the pond before making your final moving plans. Finally I also inquired why I was charged storage fees and if I could claim a refund on customs and duties in Portugal but again never got a response. So overall the experience was good but there were definitely communication problems.Read more
all but two items arrived safely
difficult communications
Moved from Columbus (United States) to Coimbra (Portugal)
Reinier over seas es la mudanza que hizo mi cambio.
Me robaron dos bocinas y un celular y no me quisieron hacer valido el seguro tancaro que argumento que tenía que avisar en el momento de la entrega, lo que era imposible pues me trajeron 70 cajas las cuales me tomo tiempo desempacar completamente para estar segura que en ninguna de ellas venían los objetos desaparecidos.
Me encantaria poder hablar con alguien que me pudiera ayudar co mi reclamación
desonestos, te vende polidas caríssimos y no te pagan lo que falta.
Moved from Mclean (United States) to Estado De México (Mexico)
Changed my delivery date by six weeks after I wanted my things delivered and told me a day before pick up. They turned up 7.5 hours late, didn’t return my calls asking where they were. Loaded exactly what I said I had but then tried to charge me three times the original invoice and tried to blame me that they miscalculated the cubic foot. Haven’t answered any of my questions, been rude to me. Told me I needed a TOR number for my belongings to pass customs but said they couldn’t ship my things without it and then sent an email the same day saying my things were already on a ship.
If you wanted to be treated with no respect and be out through undue stress then use them!!
Late, tried to treble the cost of my invoice after picking my things up
Don’t call you back, rude and disrespectful, put you through undue stress and do not seem to know what they are doing
Moved from Pottstown (United States) to London (United Kingdom)
This company was very helpful and supportive. The reason for 4 stars rather than five is that it was all done over the internet with no local contact. This meant I had to guess at how many boxes etc I was moving before it was packed. I underestimated which could have been a problem as the moving truck had only the space of my estimation not the real amount. The packers were really great and made it work anyway.
no local contact
guess at total square footage
Moved from Austin (United States) to Orange (Australia)
so far so good, the cargo is on the way, we have been posted and awaiting delivery
Moved from Flower Mound (United States) to Cabo San Lucas Bcs (Mexico)
Only drawback was their failure to estimate the additional cost for French port charges.
Very professional staff
Low cost
Failure to estimate French port charges
Moved from Baltimore (United States) to Saint-Théodorit (France)
I am somewhat dissatisfied with the company in that they were not clear about everything and ended up charging me more and they also did not always get back to me when they would say they would.
Untimely and unclear
Moved from South Bend (United States) to Düsseldorf (Germany)
Comprehensiveness of quote, good service, convenient dates for pick-up. Goods have not been delivered as yet so can't rate higher
Added costs while moving
Moved from Brooklyn (United States) to London (United Kingdom)
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