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They provide worldwide, door-to-door moving of household goods for individuals, corporate transferees, and government employees. Their international movers will help you with everything from packing to logistics to air and ocean freight rates and everything in between.

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Thanks to our Sirelo search, we went with Viking International for a move from the US to France, and were very happy with their services! their communication and customer service were great, the movers who picked up and delivered our things at either end of the move were super professional...everything arrived sooner than we expected, and intact! They weren't the cheapest of the options we found on Sirelo...but we started to negotiate with one of the cheaper ones, who then started insisting on this or that additional charge, and it started to feel pretty shady. We felt like Viking were always very upfront and clear about about their services, which we really appreciated!
Moved from Boston (United States) to Marciac (France)
The moving crew was great. However, everything to do with the office was a complete disaster:

1) The quote: I explained to them multiple times that my employer would only reimburse up to the amount quoted so I asked them to be generous with the quote. After they gave me their quote, I thought it was a bit low and asked to add a $3k buffer (for an expedited international move). After the move, it turned out that the quote WITH the $3k buffer I asked to add, was still $5k below the actual cost and I had to pay $5k out of pocket under my employer's rules.

2) The time: They told me an expedited international move would take 3-4 weeks for my destination. It took 7 weeks. I don't fault them for how long it took but for the massively wrong estimate (same as with the quote).

3) The insurance: Several items arrived broken, two items did not arrive at all (which is significantly more damage than during my last three international moves). When I submitted the insurance claim, they slow walked the process and only agreed to cover about half the damage. During six weeks of negotiations and discussions, they refused to share my insurance policy with me - I have now been reimbursed for part of the damage and still have not seen my insurance policy.

Bottom line: I strongly advise against using Viking.
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Moved from New York (United States) to Saarbruecken (Germany)
Thanks to the guys [Names removed by Sirelo] we just had an amazing professional stress-free move from our New York home to our new home in Byron Bay NSW all 385 items and we are absolutely struck by the handling and packing performed by the crew. This was not
and easy move out of our 57th St. westside apartment loading container on a rainy day from the 18th flr. flat we lived in. Our shipment arrived after 3 months and delivered by Vikings agent who handled everything from quarantine inspection, release, unpacking setting up apartment furniture. Viking clearly knew what they were doing. So yes 110% recommend you use this company for your move
Moved from New York (United States) to Byron Bay (Australia)
We had an amazing experience with Viking International the moving team was patient, efficient
with my disorganization. Office staff was on point especially Joe and the moving crew
packed our home in one day. Our shipment arrived 11 weeks later with no damages.
We paid extra to move with Viking but it was worth it . If moving overseas I strong recommend
Viking International
Moved from New York (United States) to Berlin (Germany)
From the week before our move until today, a little over a year later Viking International has been nothing but a problem and a regret.
My husband and I initially went with them because of the affordable quote and ease at which we seemed to navigate the process with them, and then it all fell apart.
We had told them that our building in NYC had to have insurance for the movers and for a very specific time to be selected for the elevators to be used because of the size of the apartment building we were in and two days before their scheduled arrival they called to change both the day and the time also adding that they wouldn’t know the exact time they’d be at our apt. After a few incredibly snarky phone calls they recommitted to the date originally planned and rightly a specific time.
Before hand they said it was best they pack all our belongings as it was an international shipment, they were professional packers and as they were packing would make a detailed list of what was in each box.
Let me tell you the list was non existent leading to huge problems with customs months later and in retrospect I can say it is a scam to get you to pay more. Their idea of packing was putting one metal chair in a giant box with a bunch of paper hence our original square foot estimate went up 2xs more, plus we had to pay for all the extra packing materials. At the same time we were required to get an insurance policy that would cover all our belongings as per usual I assume. We mentioned we had a few pieces of expensive art and a statue which we mentioned in phone calls, in emails and our detailed itemized list of belongings and they told us it would all be covered and packed professionally.
Only for all of it to finally arrive months later in Europe and a sculpture was pulled out of a box, broken. The packers on this side noted the break took photos and reported it on their end. But, Viking refused to acknowledge the incident. As we continued looking into getting it fixed and filing a claim it turns out they sold us an insurance claim that not only doesn’t cover all our art and the sculpture it also didn’t cover our 60inchTV, glass dining table or any of our glassware. What!?????? So we paid for a policy that didn’t cover anything we discussed with them and now they not only won’t acknowledge their faulty packing or our broken sculpture but their complicity in selling us a bogus policy.
Our quote went from 5k to 11k by the time we got our things on the other end, no joke and every step along the way there were problems and tense conversations with the rude owner and his employees.
They had guaranteed they knew exactly what was required from us to ship our things to Portugal and would take care of it but neglected the fact that even after I asked about it twice we needed specific documentation for customs with detailed descriptions of all items in every box which as you now know wasn’t done. They also failed to mention that there would be more fees once it arrived on the other side of the Atlantic.
It’s a year later and we are still fighting with them to get our claim acknowledged.
The company, the price, the snarky rude employees, bogus insurance policy, lack of professionalism and lies leads me to tell you emphatically, DO NOT EVER USE VIKING INTERNATIONAL MOVERS. Do your research.
Thank you.
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Moved from Nyc (United States) to Bensafrim (Portugal)
On my recent move to London my family and I chose Viking due to their great customer service and reasonable pricing. After contacting many international moving companies in NYC, Viking was the fastest when it came to our website inquiry.[name removed by Sirelo] was very nice on the phone and explained the move process and what was needed. He gave us a reasonable estimate and delivery of our belongings. We scheduled out move on the spot. On moving day, the movers were very professional and packed everything nicely. NO issues what so ever. After arriving in London, our items were delivered as promised by Viking on time. The moving company in London that Viking set us up with were amazing as well. Highly recommend Viking for anyones international move.
Moved from Brooklyn (United States) to London (United Kingdom)
In early November we moved from Scarsdale, New York to Paris, France with Viking International Moving. We were given their name and number by a Senior Attache at our Mission who advised that
Viking last year during Covd did a reloction for 2 other staff members to Norway and that both members were happy with the services of Viking. Our move was very different as we now moving with 5 members in our houshold and 2 cars. Viking sent 6 men for 3 days to our home and completed the moving we feel very professionally. Our container arrived and delivery was handled by Vikings agent who were also excellent and very friendly . We are glad to report all items arrived safely with no damages. This is best move we have ever had after 6 international transfers and want to say thanks to Viking and its staff especially [name removed by Sirelo] our Relocation Coordinator
Moved from Scaarsdale New York (United States) to Paris (France)
Recently moved from NYC to England. Price was reasonable compared to other companies around. The movers who took care of the first half of the move were very polite, and worked quick. I needed a few pieces of furniture taken apart so they arrived with their full tool set. My place was left very clean as well (they swept after all boxes and furniture was loaded up). I received the entire shipment a week earlier than expected which was quite a nice surprise. I planned for this move to take over a month and took just under a month. Thanks Viking for making this painless.
Great Service
Polite Staff
Moved from New York (United States) to England (United Kingdom)
Horrible experience. Spent thousands of additional dollars! Lack of communication. Lack of effort. Complete scam. Hired this company
For door to door service and basically they made a verbal agreement, I had a recorded phone call. Took over a month to receive my items. Made several
Request for receipts. All I got was nasty response and no answers.
Not helpful at all. Worse experience. Very unprofessional across the board.
Door to door
Communication & Clarity
Additional cost
Moved from Emmaus (United States) to Kingston (Jamaica)
Bon contact avec la personne en charge de notre dossier, prix correct, très bonne équipe de déménageurs
Moved from Brooklyn (United States) to Montpeyroux (France)
This is a perfect company my international move to Greece was great.
Use them They have super good communication. Joe return my calls moved promptly. We were given a time frame got our container in earlier delivery in Greece was very good they picked up our used cartons and set everything in our new apartment.
they were very prompt, and quick. None of our stuff was broken, and the guys were super nice when they delivered it all.

thank you Viking International
Moved from Bayside (United States) to Athens (Greece)
Wir waren sehr zufrieden! Nette und hilfsbereite Ansprechpartner im Vorfeld. Alle Fragen wurden sofort per Email oder Telefon beantwortet. Sehr schnelle Organisation des Containers, nette und gut gelaunte Helfer beim Beladen. Sorgfältig, sicher und reichlich verpackt und anschließend verladen. Auto wurde sachgemäß verladen. Abwicklung der ganzen Angelegenheit ohne Probleme. Wirklich sehr gute Arbeit.
Schnelle Abwicklung - sorgfältige Arbeit
Super Organisation - prima Team!
Moved from Port Leyden (United States) to Rosenheim (Germany)
Recently our family completed a move from Queens, NY to Melbourne, Australia. Needless to say, it was an unbelievably exciting and tremendously stressful time for us. We chose Viking International mostly for their follow-up after my initial call -- we just felt a sense of confidence and comfort that the other providers didn't give us. It was a gut thing, but it wound up being exactly what we needed. What could have been a source of incredible stress went remarkably smoothly. NOT ONE single thing was broken. They didn't spill a Lego. I'm offering this review because, frankly, that shocked the heck out of me. Bottom line, the service was great. All of our calls and emails were answered immediately. Everything happened right on time. The crews were polite, capable and respectful (and really important for me, they kept things light on the packing and moving days -- some of the most anxiety-inducing days of my life). With so much of our lives in upheaval, not having to worry about our stuff was a gift.Read more
Moved from Queens (United States) to Melbourne (Australia)
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we were with our recent office move. The gentlemen that did the move were polite, very helpful and accommodating. They performed their work fast and efficiently and generally made the process smooth and problem free. We would certainly recommend your company to anyone seeking a reliable company for an international move.
On time
Easy to work with
Moved from Brooklyn (United States) to Belfast (Ireland)
We were lucky enough to find Viking International Movers. First made arrangements to come out and look at all of our stuff, what was going to be moved and how large a container we would need and to provide a quote. Not just any quote but one that proved to be spot-on. The movers were wonderful and very knowledgeable about international moves. Everything...but everything... arrived in perfect condition. The container actually arrived much sooner than we had been expecting it. The German shippers contacted had arranged all of the paperwork for customs, etc. and had a local mover all lined up to pick up our container at the port and deliver it to our home. The container had been sealed at our house in Brooklyn and the seal was cut by German movers here. The movers unpacked the container and moved everything inside and put things where we wanted them. We chose not to have the boxes opened because we were still remodeling our house, but they would have also done that. They were wonderful.
Moved from Brooklyn (United States) to Berlin (Germany)
Best movers in town! Movers were punctual, precise and professional in coordinating my move. The moving team took great care in packing and moving my high-end furnishings. Every item was carefully wrapped and secured. The team was super nice, enjoyable, and very friendly. They made the move easy and less stressful. I'm happy with their services. I will definitely use them for my next move. Highly Satisfied customer.
Great staff
Friendly movers
Moved from New Jersey (United States) to Milan (Italy)
Viking was efficient and took great care of our items from NYC to UK. They moved the things how wanted them all this with a great attitude. [name removed by Sirelo] surely knows how to work well with his team and the customer. Everything arrived safely and movers in UK were very pleasant. I didn’t ever think I would say moving was a great experience but it surely was. I highly recommend Viking International!
Reasonably Priced
Moved from New York City (United States) to Bristol (United Kingdom)
I was very disappointed with the way they handled my shipments. We had to buy 2 shipments because the 1st shipment was not packed right. The notice that the shipment had arrived was not true. The agent didn't put the correct name on the Bill of Laden so we had to pay Viking and Egypt for the name change. Getting the corrected Bill of Ladens took over a week. And we still haven't gotten our things.
They make it easy initially
They have hidden fees
Slow with giving correct information
Moved from Woodhaven (United States) to Wadi Hof (Egypt)
Courteous and professional
Patient, reliable
Moved from Maspeth (United States) to Antalya (Turkey)
They did little or no packing. They did not take things that we wanted moved. The left glass shelf for curio cabinet also removed drawer fro triple dresser and left it on the floor. We found it later. They broke several pieces of beleek China and broke a brass table lamp etc
Moved from Philadelphia (United States) to Ballygawley Co Sligo (Ireland)
Le déménagement s'est passé en douceur et les déménageurs étaient efficaces et méticuleux.
Visite à domicile pour estmation du cubage
Explication claire du processus et étapes dans le déménagement
Prix plus élevé que d'autres compagnies mais services de qualité
Moved from Philadelphia (United States) to Lausanne (Switzerland)

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