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Baggage Moves

A Brief Guide to Small Shipments

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Is your moving volume too small to work with a moving company? This could be because your request falls under what the industry refers to as ‘baggage’. Find out why this is and what options are available below!

What is Baggage?

If you reach out to a moving company and are told that you don’t qualify for their services, chances are your needs fall under the ‘baggage’ category.

As the name suggests, baggage refers to cargo that fits within the range of what you can bring on a plane, usually under 2m3.

Can I get Quotes for Baggage on Sirelo?

Yes, but not always. Unfortunately, we do not have any moving company in our network which offer baggage services globally.

If we are unable to fulfill your request, it is because we do not have a moving company which can handle your request on your desired route.

Why is this? Most moving company are structured to collect entire households of items, booking several hours or even several days of a moving crew’s time to carry out the move. Companies structured like this are usually unequipped to carry out small volume requests in an efficient and economical way.

Meanwhile, companies that handle baggage requests are equipped to handle high volumes of individual items, which normally means they are courier services.

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Our Recommended International Courier Services

If you have a request which falls under the baggage category, like a few boxes you’d like to send cross-country or overseas, we recommend the below international courier services.

If these don’t operate in your area, stop by your local postal office for more information about the options available to you.

1. DHL

Visit their website for more information.

2. UPS

Visit their website for more information.

3. DPD

Visit their website for more information.