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Junk Removal Costs Explained | 2022

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Got junk? Don’t we all! But how much does junk removal cost? If you’re curious about how (and for how much) you can haul away that old couch, refrigerator, or car, we’ve got you! We’ll introduce you to the various junk removal costs and services, and let you know what to expect from junk removal companies. Stay tuned!

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Before massively downsizing for an upcoming move, you should always factor junk removal costs into your expense sheet. It’s easy to underestimate how much this can cost, but if you look around your house and count everything you won’t move with you (and will need to throw away), massively downsizing might even be an understatement.

In truth, junk removal should be on everyone’s moving checklist. If you don’t have someone haul it away, you might drown in your own junk when it’s time to move!

So how much does junk removal cost? Like most things moving, it depends. What do you need to haul away? How much or how little? Do you need to rent a dumpster or can your junk be placed directly into a truck?

Only you and your junk removal company will know the answers to these questions, but on average junk removal costs run between $200 and $300. Meanwhile, dumpster rentals average around $50 per day (with minimum rental periods of one week!).

Disorganized junk piled in from of weathered garage building

Comprehensive Guide to Junk Removal Prices

Like other moving services, junk removal prices are largely determined by volume. Why? Because junk can mean anything of any size, shape, weight –you name it!

Junk removal services are purchased based on truck space (if it fits, it fits!). Below we list some typical junk removal price ranges, but be aware that some junk removal companies measure down to even the 1/8th truckload!

Truck LoadVolumeCost
Minimum60 cubic feet$100
Quarter Load60 – 180 cubic feet$150 – $250
Half Load180 – 240 cubic feet$300 – $400
Three-Quarter Load240 – 420 cubic feet$400 – $500
Full Load420 – 480 cubic feet$500 – $600

However, junk removal services still come in a range to accommodate many specific circumstances. Because these impact the cost to haul away junk more than mere truck space, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dive into a bit more detail.

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✅ Full vs Partial Service Junk Removal

First things first, junk removal companies offer two types of services: full or partial junk removal service. The one you decide to go for will depend on how much junk you’ve got, and how much you’re willing to do yourself.

A partial junk removal service is basically a curb-side pickup of your junk. This means you’ll need to do some heavy lifting yourself, and make sure your junk is prepared for truck-loading in an orderly fashion. Some consumers opt for partial service junk removal because they already have the equipment (and the motivation) to carry out a big part of the job. This would include dollies or wheelbarrows to bring an appliance to the curb or collect construction waste on their own.

Full-service junk removal is when the remover gives it the full nine yards, hiring laborers to pick up any waste materials for you or hoist something heavy out of its current position in your house. Of course, the more they do the more you pay for. Therefore, the full service can add hundreds to your junk removal costs for a large job.

✅ Cost to Haul Away Junk: Furniture & Appliances

It is often possible to estimate your junk removal costs for specific items, making for easy eyeballing! These are typically large consumer items that need to be periodically replaced, but few retailers offer (much needed) haul-away services.

To give you some quick insights, we’ve listed common junk removal prices for these specific items (often referred to as solid waste) below:

Washing Machine$75
Car Tire$15
Hot Tub$500

✅ Trash Removal Cost

Even though sometimes junk removal companies handle trash removal, it’s something separate from actual junk. Trash removal is normally handled by your local municipality and is paid in your utility bills, but under certain circumstances (like a garbage truck exploding in your driveway) junk removal companies need to get involved.

On average, people pay $125 – $250 per year to their municipalities. Depending on the volume, trash removal costs average between $100 – $250 for one-time jobs.

✅ Hazardous Waste Removal

The name is scarier than it sounds, but also more common than you’d think. Hazardous waste can be latex paints in the back shed or electronic components in household TV or computer models. Disposing of these materials carelessly is highly environmentally unfriendly (and often illegal!).

Fortunately, many junk removal companies offer these specialized services, so you (and our rivers and landfills), can rest easy. Your wallet, though, might suffer, since the junk removal costs here can run as high as $500 depending on what and how much you need removed.

Electronics$10 – $100
Fluorescent Bulbs$0.10 – $0.50 per foot
Latex Paint$5 – $10 per gallon
Refrigerants$50 – $150

✅ Junk Car Removal Cost

At first glance, the junk removal costs for a car would appear to be expensive. They are, but usually not for you! While most think their old junker is a liability to off-load, many junk removal companies actually buy junk cars. Whether they’re selling spare parts or cubing it for scrap metal, your junk has something in it for them.

What can you expect to get for your junk car? Not much, we’re afraid. A few hundred dollars might be generous, and sometimes you’ll get as little as $50 – but hey that’s still something!

Finding Junk Removal Companies

While there’s probably a few junk removal companies in your area, maybe don’t pick the first one you find (at least not blindly). In order to get a real professional, rather than Bubba in his pickup truck, check junk removal companies for:

  • Licenses
  • Online reviews
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation

In fact, because they are both labor-intensive logistics industries, finding a junk removal company is much the same as finding a mover, so much of the same advice applies.

If you have specific requests, like paint or fluorescent (or nuclear waste…) removal, make sure to look for junk removal companies offering that service before booking!

Sirelo Tip! Always ask for a price upfront. If you do run into a less than reputable junk remover, it’s harder for the junk removal costs to slide up if you’ve already got it in hand.

Man loading boxes into a white van

✅ Same Day Junk Removal

We live in an era where when we want something, we want it now. Even more, when we want something gone, we want it gone yesterday. For those of us that find ourselves with a sudden influx of trash and junk, same-day junk removal is there to the rescue.

Same-day junk removal (or next-day junk removal) is widely available in many regions and is typically offered within a very local radius. Expect to pay a small premium on the junk removal costs because the service is short notice. So, if it fits your timetable it doesn’t hurt to shop around.

✅ Free Junk Removal

Sometimes one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Everyone’s heard this cliché before, right? Well, the cliché has no greater reality than with junk removal. Many junk removal companies will collect junk for free to sell scrap metal (like with junk cars) or salvage appliances for donations.

Moving on a budget? Don’t let junk removal costs break the bank, check if you can have your junk removed for free!

Junk Removal: Last Things You Need to Know

By now you should be masters of the junkyard economy, though there are the last few pro tips regarding junk removal costs we wanted to toss your way. As you look for junk removal companies and begin gathering prices, watch out for these unexpected junk removal cost factors:

  • Seasonality (summer might be the busy season)
  • Local landfill fees
  • Current gasoline prices

Lastly, many junk removal companies will only give the final price upon an onsite inspection. Because this could very well be when they show up to remove your junk, remember to be aware of all the junk removal cost factors we’ve mentioned. It’ll make you a wiser customer and a stronger negotiator!

Good luck!

With a firm grasp of junk removal costs, you can now proceed with your downsizing project with confidence. Depending on what junk you need to be removed, whether it be furniture, scrap, or even hazardous materials, you’ll know how to best approach junk removal companies (and stay under your budget). You might even get away with having your junk removed for free. Good luck 😉