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Shipping Container to Germany

A Complete Guide 2024

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Heading to Das Land der Dichter und Denker? Let’s break down the shipping costs and times, and how to prepare your belongings for your move to Germany.

Cost of Shipping a Container to Germany

On average, the cost to ship a 20ft container to Germany will come in around the $10,000 range and $15,000 for a 40ft container.

Origin20-foot container40-foot container
New York$ 4,500 – $ 5,000$ 8,500 – $ 10,000
Chicago$ 8,500 – $ 10,000$ 16,000 – $ 18,000
Los Angeles$ 6,000 – $ 7,000$ 11,000 – $ 12,000
Houston$ 7,000 – $ 7,500$ 13,000 – $ 14,000
Seattle$ 6,500 – $ 7,000$ 12,000 – $ 13,500
Miami$ 6,000 – $ 6,500$ 11,000 – $ 12,500

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that these ranges are merely estimates. Container shipping rates to Germany regularly fluctuate per season and carrier.

Many factors involve the container shipping rates, such as the distance, season or your items’ volume, but you’ll get an idea of how much your move can cost you.

Shipping costs from to
20ft Container
40ft Container

Cheap Container Shipping to Germany

Many international movers offer shared container shipping for small moves, where a container is split between multiple people.

While this results in more logistics to coordinate, it’s much cheaper, flexible, and convenient if you don’t have enough furniture and belongings to fill a 20-foot container.

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International Shipping Companies to Germany

Check the following list of international shipping companies to move to Germany. You’ll make an informed decision by comparing services, prices and reviews.

Shipping Furniture to Germany

While the prices are very much relevant, there are also other things to consider.

First and foremost, how much container space you will rent, and how much logistics you will coordinate through your international mover (versus how much you will do yourself). If it all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! We will put it all in simple terms to ease your mind.

Cost of Shipping Household Goods and Furniture

Bedroom Size20ft Container40ft Container
1 Bedroom$1,632$1,773
2 Bedrooms$1,632$1,773
3-5 Bedrooms$1,632$1,773

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that these ranges are merely estimates. Container shipping rates to Germany regularly fluctuate per season and carrier.

💡 Determining the size of your move is key to getting an accurate shipping price. Calculate it now!

Estimate My Volume

20ft vs. 40ft Shipping Containers to Germany

Containers come in two standard sizes, kind of like medium and large options for your move. While there is not much thinking to it, less is not always more!

A 20ft container has a volume of 33 m3 or 1,179 ft3. 40ft containers range from 66 m3 to 76 m3 (2,330 ft3 – 2684 ft3), depending on if it is extra tall (extra large?).

We get into trouble when a 20ft container won’t quite fit. Thinking about downsizing to squeeze into that small container? Check out our downsizing guide by clicking here.

Door-to-Door vs. Port-to-Port

You can add or subtract a fraction of your moving costs based on how much your mover does for you. What does this mean in practice?

A Door-to-Door move is as it sounds, your mover collects your possessions from one residence and drops them off at your new residence.

A Port-to-Port move is a shipping container-only service, where you are responsible for the transport to and from the port.

Shipping a Car to Germany

If you were wondering how you will get your car to Europe, now you know it is going in your shipping container to Germany. Before you get your fix on your need for speed on the Autobahn, check out these price ranges for shipping a car to Germany:

City of OriginShipping Cost
New York$ 7,500 – $ 12,000
Chicago$ 11,000 – $ 16,000
Los Angeles$ 8,500 – $ 13,500
Houston$ 10,000 – $ 15,000
Seattle$ 9,000 – $ 14,000
Miami$ 8,500 – $ 13,500

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that these ranges are merely estimates. Container shipping rates to Germany regularly fluctuate per season and carrier.

How to Prepare for Shipping Household Goods from USA to Germany

Arranging your shipping container to Germany is only the first step, now you have to fill it up! While there is much to consider in this second leg of the journey, we highlight what are to us the three most important points:

✅ Label & Document

By clearly labelling all your belongings and documenting everything, you help yourself in more ways than one. Besides unpacking, it will be handy to have an inventory for your mover, customs inspector, or insurance company (though we hope you will not need it!).

✅ Pack everything all snug as a bug

To ensure your furniture and belongings survive the shipping, double all your packing efforts. Your items will be moved around from one place to another a few times, so you’ll want to make sure they’re safe.

✅ Stick around until the ‘bon voyage!’

Try to arrange things so that you do not board a plane before your shipping container to Germany leaves the port.

The last thing you want is to hear there has been a problem you are not there to fix. On the other hand, make sure to be there when it arrives!

Container Shipping from the USA to Germany Made Easy

By now we hope you have everything you need to feel like an expert in container shipping. Arranging a shipping container to Germany can be stressful but is more than manageable if you have all the right information at your disposal. Need further assistance with your move? Then check out the useful articles and FAQs below for further reading.

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