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Sirelo Review Widget

Why to Use It & How to Get It

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If you have a stellar review trackrecord, you might want to promote it! Your Sirelo score can boost your business on your own website. How? Enter the Sirelo Review Widget. Free and easy to install, the Sirelo Review Widget is not one to miss!

What can you find here?

Boost the Value of Your Website Visitors

When a potential customer visits your company website, they might be on the cusp of booking their move with you. To close the sale, it is important to showcase all the information they need at a glance.

What do consumers care about that many removal companies are missing? Customer reviews! Surveys show that 93% of consumers seek out reviews before making a purchase decision. If you are not yet displaying reviews, giving potential customers easy access to independent reviews makes all the difference.

Our Sirelo Review Widget has been developed for this exact purpose, so you can turn each website visitor into your next customer!

What is the Sirelo Review Widget?

The Sirelo Review Widget displays your Sirelo review score and the total number of reviews on your profile. This widget is clickable, so your potential customers can easily access reviews left by your customers in a single click. Yes, it’s that easy!

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Why Use the Widget?

Companies without reviews don’t perform as well as companies that do. Consumers often favour companies which openly display the experiences of their previous customers, as this makes a company appear more transparent and trustworthy.

Who can blame them? All of their possessions will be in your hands!

Because the Sirelo Review Widget is free and easily installed, it’s a quick win you can’t miss!

Set Up in Minutes

  1. Login to your Mover Portal. Don’t yet have login credentials? You can request them here.
  2. Click “Sirelo” in the left menu and click “Widgets” in the dropdown menu.
  3. Select your desired color and design.
  4. Copy the code.
  5. Determine where to place the widget on your website.
  6. Implement this code on your website (or ask your IT professional).

The widget should now be visible on your website –quick and easy!

You’re All Set Up! What’s Next?

Implementing the widget is only the first step. The value comes from receiving reviews over time. Not sure how? Our expert tips will get you started:

Invite Past Customers

Bust out your email list and ask for feedback. Not every customer will leave a review, so it is important to invite everyone. More invites = more reviews!

Invite New Customers

Recent reviews look better than old ones. After each move is completed, follow up with an invitation for a fresh review.

Respond to Each Review!

This may cost some time, but it is certainly worth it. Whether you are showing your appreciation or telling your side of the story, responding to reviews shows potential customers that your company is a class act.

Curious to Find Out More?

If you would like to know more about Sirelo and how to benefit, visit Sirelo For Movers or contact us at [email protected].