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Transferring Utilities When Moving

Sirelo's Step-by-Step Guide

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When it comes to moving, transferring your utilities is definitely one of the most important tasks. After all, spending the first few days in your new home without any electricity, running water, or internet connection doesn’t sound like tons of fun, does it? To make sure you don’t miss out on any binge-watching Netflix sessions, we’ve developed this step-by-step guide to help you transfer your utilities when moving –check it out below!

#1. Make a List of Your Current Utilities

This might seem like a no brainer, but the first thing you should do before going through the process of transferring your utilities is to compile a list of all your current utility providers. This list will help you ensure that no utility is accidentally forgotten –which, if we haven’t stressed it enough, is something you’d really like to avoid. Trust us on this one!

Usually, utility companies provide services on:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Internet
  • Waste removal
  • Telephone (landline)
  • Cable TV

Sirelo Tip! To kill two birds with one stone, make sure to note down the contact information for each of the service providers on your list. This way, you will have all the information you need ready to go when you decide to give these companies a ring. You’ll likely need to make a lot of calls, so brace yourself! 😉

#2. Evaluate Your Current Utility Contracts

Another important step when it comes to transferring utilities to your new home is to evaluate the contracts you have with your current service providers. This not only means assessing whether you’d like to keep working with the same companies, but also evaluating if the services you’re currently using are really worth your money.

Of course, there are certain utilities (e.g.: electricity, water, gas) that you will definitely still need in your new home. But what about other services, such as a telephone landline service? Perhaps when you really think of it, you’ll realize that you don’t use these much but are still investing on them every month.

Especially if you’re moving on a budget, this is something you might want to think about before transferring all your utilities over in one go.

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#3. Assess if Transferring Your Utilities is Possible

Now, one of the most common questions when it comes to transferring utilities when moving is whether or not you’re actually able to do so. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to switch your utilities over to your new address. Oftentimes this will depend on whether you’re performing a local or a long-distance move.

Moving Locally?

If you’re moving within the same state, it’s likely that you will remain within the service area of your current utility providers. In this case, all you’ll need to do to switch your utilities over is to give the service providers of your choice your new home address.

Moving Long-distance?

If you’re carrying out an interstate move, however, it’s likely that your new area of residence won’t fall under many of your current providers’ service areas. This entails that, in order to transfer utilities, you’ll have to cancel them at your old place and set them up again with new providers at your new home.

#4. Contact Your Current Service Providers

Fourth (and perhaps most obvious) step of the How to Change Your Utilities When Moving 101 lesson: make sure to give your service providers a ring.

We recommend contacting them at least 3 weeks before your move, as well as keeping in mind the points highlighted below.

Check Out Your Outstanding Balance

It’s always good to double check with your provider if there’s any current outstanding balance in your account that you need to settle before making the big move. Keep in mind that unpaid bills can have a negative impact on your credit score, so paying off any debt you might have with your provider should be a top priority!

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Ask for Your Utility Deposits Back

It’s not uncommon for utility providers to request a deposit before activating your services. So, make sure to ask your service provider about the possibility of getting back your deposit or, in case this isn’t something the company offers, inquire if there are any refunds you might be entitled to.

Remember! If you’re entitled to a refund or are simply able to get your full utility deposit back, don’t forget to give the service provider your new address in case they need to forward you a check.

Arrange the Transfer or Cancellation of Utilities

Last but not least, in case your current service company still covers your area, make sure to provide them your new address and all other necessary details needed to switch over the utility service to your new home. If this isn’t the case, then make sure you go through all the steps needed to cancel the utility service successfully.

When it comes to dates, we advise to schedule your current utilities to be disconnected 1 day after moving out and arrange their reconnection at your new home 1 day before moving in.

Honestly, being without water and electricity for even a day sounds like something straight out of a Stephen King movie for us!

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#5. Contact New Utility Providers if Needed

If you’re moving outside the area of coverage of your current utility providers, it’s smart to get in touch with reputable service companies in the town or city you’re moving to.

When it comes to utilities such as water and sewage services, it’s likely that these will be handled by your city’s public utility companies. As for the rest, we suggest scouting online for utility providers in your area –don’t forget to check out their reviews!

As well, if you’re moving to a rented property, it’s also often possible to ask your landlord or property manager for a list of service companies that are preferred within the complex.

#6. Conduct a Final Meter Reading Before Moving Out

We suggest asking your current utility providers to conduct a final reading of the water, electric, and gas meters before you move out. In this way you, will be able to acquire official reports of your meter readings at the time of the move, which can be super helpful in the case that you unexpectedly receive a bill from your old address. So better keep those records safe! 

Checking water meter reading before transferring utilities when moving

#7. Do a Careful Check Once Your Utilities Are Activated

Last step of the How to Change Your Utilities Over 101 lesson: make sure to do a full walk-through of your house and check that all of your utilities are functioning as they should. Here’s the a list of the things we always advise testing out:

  • Light switches
  • Faucets
  • Gas stoves
  • Heaters
  • Landlines
  • Internet connection

And that’s it folks! We hope that after this insightful read you feel like you’ve mastered the fine art of changing your utilities over to your new home. 😉 If you need some extra information that can be helpful to plan out the rest of your move, we recommend checking out the pages below!