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Moving from Siloam Springs USA to Mol Belgium

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Do you want to make the move to Belgium? Check out Justin’s move from Siloam Springs USA to Mol Belgium. Read more about his journey and his top tips for a smooth move to Belgium.

What were your reasons for moving? What was the experience like?

I moved from the US for work years ago. I’ve now lived on three continents. Recently (4 years ago), I moved from New Zealand to Europe. I’m a geothermal expert looking to help in the gas transition in Europe. Overall, my life is more fulfilling because I’ve lived in different countries. You get a different perspective on life. One interesting thing that happens is if you live overseas long enough, you get into a weird spot where you kind of no longer have a home. It’s hard at times, but makes life more adventurous. I wouldn’t change my life experiences and I would recommend people to at least do an OE (Overseas Experience) where you live overseas for a period (1-2 years).

What made you choose this mover? Did you do any research?

I chose solely based on price. I did do a trustpilot search and hoped that all this was not a scam. In the end, I am very happy with how everything went. But I originally found Sirelo and Sherpr from a google search. So, I suppose Sirelo’s paid advertisement paid off. It felt a bit like jumping off a blind cliff jump when I paid Sherpr the entire amount up front. But in the end, they turned out to be completely reliable and it was a fine decision. I would use Sherpr again if I had to move more things overseas and I may have to one day as I don’t really see myself going back to the US anytime soon.

Take us through your moving day – did everything go as planned? What worked and what didn’t?

My original moving day was years ago. It was fairly painless, but very nervous and anxious. With this last shipment, I was only home visiting my parents and needed to remove some of my old things out of their house. I’m on a personal budget at this point, so needed something that wasn’t expensive. The biggest scare was that it was a long weekend right after I paid. So, I was a big worried of a scam initially and then it was hard to get in touch with anyone. I was leaving on Monday after the weekend and it was a bit of a challenge to get shipping labels printed. Luckily Sherpr came through just in time on Monday and my parents were able to print and check everything. In the end, it worked out great. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything arrived in Europe.

Based on your experience, what are your top tips you’d like to share to help others for their own moves?

If shipping is a concern, this service is a good option to take that stress off. Contact Sirelo and get some quotes. Otherwise, in everything else, just try to relax. Life goes on. Airports are stressful places. Try to be calm and take your time. Enjoy the fact that you’re in a privileged position if you are travelling at all. If you’re moving countries, there is a lot of uncertainty, but it’s a very unique experience that many people are too scared to try. You have to be willing to walk through open doors and if you’re moving countries, you are indeed willing to take a chance for a unique experience. Enjoy your time overseas and don’t try to change a place. Instead, try to enjoy it for it’s uniqueness and see what things you do like about that new place.

Disclaimer: The views shared on this blog belong only to the client. Sirelo is an independent platform and the expat testimonials provided are intended for informational purposes.

About this move 🔍

Justin moved from Siloam Springs (USA) to Mol (Belgium). For this move Justin used the services of Sherpr. He rates the moving company a 5/5 stars and says they were efficient fast and cost effective and would recommend this mover!

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