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Working in Canada

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Does your pursuit of your career dreams have you making a move to Canada? Or is Canada the dream, so you need the job to make it work? In either case, Sirelo is here to help! Below we discuss the basics of the Canadian job market and what you need to get started with working in Canada. Read on to learn more about opportunities, salaries, and finding a job in Canada. Happy hustling!

Working in Canada

It is no wonder that many are interested in working in Canada. The unemployment rate sits at a low 5.3%, while average salaries sit way up at $65,700. Take that along with the free education and healthcare systems Canada has to offer and you have a place everyone wants to be!

In order for you to gain access to this lucrative economy, we have compiled this brief overview of working in Canada.

Can Americans Work in Canada?

The short answer is yes, Americans can work in Canada. In fact, many do, with the US being among the top sources of foreign labor in Canada. However, that does not mean there is not more to it!

In order to work in Canada, even for temporary jobs, you must acquire a work permit. The process of applying for a work permit can be difficult and arduous, especially because you often need to have a job offer in hand before sending off your application.

However, if you are in possession of a highly desired skillset then it can be possible to enter the Express Entry track. In addition, different rules apply to inter-corporate transfers for multi-national corporations. So start scoping out a transfer!

working in canada

Jobs in Canada for Americans

Finding a job in Canada follows much of the same procedures as back home, but nonetheless can still be a difficult task. While most jobs are found through networking, it is still very common to find jobs in Canada through online job portals. Below we list some of the most popular websites:

  • Canadajobs.com
  • Eluta.ca
  • Jobs-Canada
  • Monster-Canada
  • Workopolis
  • Working in Canada – Job search

The greatest job opportunities for Americans working in Canada are in the major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, and French-speaking Americans will have a clear advantage over the rest. Because many eastern Canadians primarily speak French, those that can communicate with the entire population are highly sought-after.

In addition, applicants with experience working in Canada are given preference both by companies and by the government.

Therefore, if you can manage it, try to take advantage of living in Canada for up to six months without a visa. While you are not able to work, it is possible to network and volunteer to get experience working in Canada. Give a little get a lot!

Work Culture in Canada vs US

North America is known for its strong work ethic, with employers unafraid to ask long hours of their employees and employees keen to work them. The difference between the American and Canadian workweek is unsurprisingly not so stark, with Americans working 35.5 hours and Canadians 37.5 hours on average.

However, these are combined figures of full-time and part-time workers of all ages. When looking at full-time workers in America between the ages of 25 – 40, the average work week shoots up to 47 hours compared to Canada’s 39.9. So they say Americans are addicted to their jobs…

Following suit, those working in Canada are entitled to more breaks, more vacation time, and longer maternity/paternity leave.

In the office much else about the culture is consistent, with punctuality being highly valued as well as direct communication. Remember, though, that Canadians tend to be less confrontational than their American counterparts.

Moving to Canada?

All set to sharpen up that resume and send off some applications? We bet! For the rest of your arrangements for moving to Canada, why not check out our expat relocation guide? There we cover moving costs, costs of living in Canada, life in Canada and more. For further reading, check out the useful articles linked below. Good luck!