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SDC International Shipping, providing stress-free global moving with competitive pricing and rapid response times.

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Their communication were good and I did not feel unsure about anything. Even the process of loading was swift and professional.
Moved from Fairfax Washington Dc (United States) to Bloemfontein (South Africa)
I was surprised to read bad reviews. On the contrary, my experience with them was positive. They arrived for a pick-up on time. The delivery took precisely as they said—thumbs up for their service.
Moved from Wampee, Sc (United States) to London,uk (United Kingdom)
Great. I spoke to their customer service and was surprised at how quickly they were able to organize my move. In three days, I had a container at my door and a crew to pack and load my one-bedroom apartment. They were so polite. I asked them to be very careful with some fragile and delicate items and they said I could watch them packaging my paintings and it something, just tell them if there was something I didn’t like.

I can’t recommend SDC enough because they did a life-saving job and always followed up with me to make sure it all went well.

Plus, considering the short deadlines for my move, they gave a very nice quote.

Indeed, a professional company. They deserve credit from me.
Great customer service
Very Careful
Moved from Los Angeles, Ca (United States) to Coentral Grand (Portugal)
I paid for a door-to-door delivery service. It was expensive but worth it. The movers were professional and pleasant to talk to. I am giving them all 5 stars.

** Respond quickly
** Professional
** Clear communication
** Good investment
Respond quickly
Good investment
Moved from Houston (United States) to Abu Dhabi (United-Arab Emirates)
We booked the moving of 500 kg of belongings from Savana to Denmark. The packaging went well. After submitting a dozen documents and pre-payment, we were provided with an estimate of when the boxes would arrive.

Our shipment arrived with a one-week delay, but all items were safe.
Moved from Savanna (United States) to Aarhus (Denmark)
From the beginning to end, all the way through my new residential communication level was great and no surprises, They deliver what they promised.
Not cheap
Moved from Beverly Hills (United States) to Herzelia (Israel)
Response of
I am glad to hear that you got the service you asked for , all the best .
They accommodated all my needs and packed everything up. Great packing and got free storage and insurance. But the delivery date is ridiculously delayed.
Good communication
Late delivery
Moved from Northridge (United States) to Vancouver (Canada)
Response of
Dear C.B,
Thanks for sharing your experience online , I am happy that you had good experience overall and sorry for the delay in delivery in this tough days when equipment availability is very limited .
I wish you all the best in your new place.
Het bedrijf heeft me goed geholpen met het maken van een offerte die aansloot bij wat we nodig hadden. De verhuizers die onze inboedel hebben ingepakt hebben dat zeer professioneel gedaan en alles is op professionele wijze in de container vervoerd, waardoor alles heel is aangekomen. Het enige wat minder was, was de communicatie met het bedrijf nadat de container opgehaald was. De verhuizing heeft uiteindelijk meerdere weken vertraging opgelopen waarvoor we ook nog eens bijna 2,000 dollar extra moesten betalen voor o.a. opslagkosten in de haven. Het is ons na navraag niet duidelijk geworden waardoor deze vertraging is opgelopen, we hebben alleen hele vage, algemene antwoorden op onze vragen gehad dus dat was erg frustrerend. De afhandeling in Nederland (inclusief de klaring door de douane) was allemaal goed geregeld.
Moved from Los Angeles (United States) to Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
The planning and level of communications have been excellent. Even with some shipping changes beyond their control they kept us fully briefed.
Perfect packing and furniture pick up.
Moved from San Francisco (United States) to Strasbourg (France)
Moving overseas is never easy, but SDC happens to be the one to ship my belongings from A to Z within 2 months. all arrived in great condition and everything in between was awesome.
Thanks, SDC team
Moved from Los Angeles (United States) to Tel Aviv (Israel)
El personal que recogio la mudanza en Carson ca. Su equipo fuero muy profecionales pero las personas que entregaron la mudanza en Mexico no son personal preparado para manejar muebles ya que al recibir la mudanza Los muebles de madera llegaron todos raspadps la estfa , lavadora y refrigerador llegaron con partes dobladas y sin pintura la mayoria de las cajas llegaron aplastadas. El camion no era el apropiado. Algo muy importante cuando tu contratas una compañia debe de venir incluida algun tipo de aseguranza que te garantice que si hay algun problema con tu mudanza ellos cubren la perdida. Esta compañia solo tiene aseguranza si hay perdida total y tienes que comprar aparte la aseguranza y si no la compras tienes que firmarles un documento que aunque hayas pagado sus honorarios le garantice que no puedes hacerle ninguna demanda a la compañia. Quedandote sin tus pertenencias y sin dinero.
Que al recoger tu mudanza son profecionales y observe la forma como tratan tus muebles y pertenencias.
Que la compañia por salir de su compromiso, le entrega tus pertencias a sehundas personas para que entreguen tu mudanza en Mexico y no deberia ser asi ellos tienen la obligacion de saber que la personas que lo entregan tienen la misma capacitacion como cu
Ellos no te dan la seguridad de como llegaran tus cosas ya que no se hacen responsable de los daños a tu mudanza te quieren vender un seguro que no sirve para nada por que es solo para perdida total y y recibes tu mudanza dañada.
Moved from Carson (United States) to Sonora (Mexico)
worst possible service from them. Especially [names removed by Sirelo]. Lying to the customer and making me spend way more money than originally planned
lack of honesty
lack of communication
Moved from Millbrae (United States) to Lima (Peru)
Fue la unica que se contacto y ademas fue persistente. Hasta ahora va bien y aun no se ha terminado. Lo veremos al final
Moved from San Diego (United States) to Etzatlán (Mexico)
Good service, friendly snd experience staff. Affordable rates.
Time frame
Available in my time.
Moved from Beverly Hills (United States) to Ottawa (Canada)
After paying for the service communication became almost none existent. I was charged extra fees without my approval and when I asked about it I was ignored. Constant emails were sent asking for the status of my payment and I would ask why these were being charged to me, they would ignore my questions. My container is now in storage and is costing me over $2000 in fees which the company’s representative failed to inform me about. I was told my container was on hold and accumulating fees 12 days after the fact. Repeated emails by the local company they are working with asking for an update were ignored. Same rep failed to send me a copy of the packing list and photos of items even after several emails asking for it. One of my items was left behind because they made an error in approximating the number of items that would fit. This would’ve been ok as it was an honest mistake, but they have yet to get back to me about how I’m to get my item shipped. Again after several emails asking about it and even offered a solution myself. In a nutshell this company is extremely inefficient and ignored my questions about charging me extra fees and then held my shipment ransom without informing me until it incurred exhorbitant fees. I have yet to get my items delivered and I only hope that they are all in one piece.Read more
Movers were on time
Sales department had good communication
Extremely inefficient causing delays in delivery & very poor communication causing over 2k in storage fees
Extra fees were charged without consulting me
Moved from Novato (United States) to Makati (Philippines)
Best one time price plus excellent customer service.
Best price
Best customer service
Moved from Riverside (United States) to Beirut (Lebanon)

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