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At 1 Relocation Worldwide has a singular focus of making sure that clients begin the new adventure of moving overseas on the right foot. Starting something new is scary, moving shouldn’t be as well.

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 on Sirelo
We selected 1Relo over others, even though theirs was one of the higher bids, based on a call with the owner [Name removed by SIrelo], in March 2023. In speaking with him, it felt like he had a strong sense of the industry and care for the services his team provided their customers. He was excited to mention on the call that his team was in the process of partnering with Johnson International another well-experienced relocation service.

Unfortunately, our relocation experience with 1Relo / Johnson International was challenging, expensive, and concerning.

In a nutshell:
- Quoted: US$14,181 with a 10-12 week delivery
- Outcome: US$18,618 with a 21+ week delivery

Our goods were held two weeks after customs/quarantine clearance due to non-payment from 1Relo to the local importer. At that time, 1Relo invoiced us an additional US$3,569. Though requested multiple times, there was no detailing of the additional costs. There were no unusual or additional findings or callouts during the customs and quarantine process - everything was allowed, no issues. An additional AU$1360 was paid to the local customs broker in mid October for GST.

Whether 1Relo was uninformed/uneducated about importing into Australia, is having internal issues, or something else — what transpired vs. what was quoted was drastically different and costly in both US$$ and time. We would have saved up to US$10K, had we gone with another vendor between the premium amount of the original quote, the extra $3569, and the additional housing costs accrued due to the inaccurate delivery date and eventual extra 10+ weeks delay in receiving our goods.

More details:
The quote we accepted was for US$14,181 with a 10-12 weeks delivery for a 20’ container, door-to-door service from Charlotte, NC, USA to Brisbane, QLD, AU, including a crated motorcycle. We paid a $3300 down payment in early March and we paid the $10.9K balance due in mid-July before the ship arrived in Brisbane. Our goods were picked up (a day earlier than communicated which was a bit crazy making) on May 8, 2023.

On Sept. 21, we were informed by the local importer that our goods had cleared customs though they could not schedule delivery as 1Relo had an outstanding balance due.

On Sept. 26, we received another invoice from 1Relo for “additional fees associated with your move that were not included in your contract such as port fees, quarantine fees.” We paid the additional invoice quickly, as it had been over 20 weeks without our goods. We also asked for a further breakdown of what these costs were. (The original quote mentioned only up to $850 of such possible additional charges; plus a $450 motorcycle inspection fee.) We never received a response to this request to 1Relo.

When we asked the local importer if there were any unexpected findings or charges with customs or quarantine, they informed us there were no additional charges invoiced beyond what their original quote to 1Relo earlier in the year was for their local services.

On Oct. 4, I emailed [Name removed by Sirelo], 1 Relo owner, requesting a review of our account to ensure the additional charges were accurate and that we had been appropriately credited for all 3 of our payments. The March payment went to Removals Inc., the next two payments went to Johnson Storage & Moving Co. I thought perhaps as part of the merging/partnering with Johnson International that our first payment went uncredited to our account. I emailed him again on Oct. 10 to which he replied that he had been out of the office though would look into the situation upon his return.

On Nov. 1, I emailed [Name removed by Sirelo] again — still no reply to date.

I’m at a loss - of spirit and $$$s. 1Relo talks about great care for their customers on their website, however that is not our experience. Communications and updates were made to us only when I reached out, the replies were often incorrect, the handling of the motorcycle title was a mess, they didn’t place our request for insurance (which could have been a disaster), and once we had paid the original $14K balance, we did not hear from them again — until the local importer held our goods for lack of payment by 1Relo and then 1Relo charged us the additional US$3,569. We’ve never heard back from [Name removed by Sirelo] regarding our concern for the significant additional costs. Their complete lack of concern for our care and wellbeing was shocking based on the price we invested.
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Moved from Charlotte (United States) to Brisbane, (Australia)
 on Sirelo
Had to move from Santa Fe, NM to Poland for work. The team over at 1 Relocation Worldwide gave me a real perspective of what to expect and were always available, Sundays and nights included. I was a bit of a nervous wreck (moving all my stuff around the world) but [Name removed by Sirelo] was always available to walk me off the ledge. In the end, had a couple of small things that arrived damaged, and he was quick to get me to the insurance carrier and followed up to make sure we had everything we needed. Already recommended him to a bunch of people on a FaceBook site and he has been great to all of them. Good people and good company. Nice to see good people in this much maligned space.
Moved from Santa Fe (United States) to Warsaw (Poland)
Response of
Thank you Christopher, happy to hear you were pleased with the way we handled your relocation. At 1RELO, we love what we do and feedback like this makes the hard work worth it. I look forward to helping you come back when the project is done but enjoy your time while you are there.
 on Sirelo
Our customer service rep, [names removed by Sirelo], were great! They reach out to us in a very friendly and warming matter. Helped us every step of the way so we had time to handle all the other worrisome task that come from moving between countries. Thank you, you guys rock!
They have a script that helps you determine size of container, what type of packaging and what you can and cannot move using freight services
Knowledge and network of local moving company at our destination. And assisted with needed documentation and insurance needs
Moved from Miami (United States) to San Juan (Puerto Rico)
 on Sirelo
I had already chosen a moving company. I had the money requested but by the time I made it back to Ecuador to move my furniture their rates had gone up. I had to get transport services only just to get things moving and thought I'd have to do my own customs work. The moving company had already talked to [name removed by Sirelo] and he contacted me. The price he gave me was terrific to handle all of the customs work. He took the pressure off me so that I could handle getting my trucker and movers plus explained things to me along the way. My container was cleared with no problems and now we're on the final leg of arriving and unloading. Many thanks for taking over with this part of my move and all of the help. Definitely a top rated company.
Very courteous, explained things to me and worked fast
Located in Miami, FL USA- Knew about both countries
I didn't know in the beginning about them also being a moving company or I would have chosen them for everything.
Moved from Quito (Ecuador) to Bridgeport, Alabama (United States)
 on Sirelo
At first I was very concerned with different moving companies as I have been burned in the past with companies cutting corners and leaving me in the dark. However, with 1Relocation, the entire team stayed with me from beginning to end and kept me informed throughout the entire process making it smooth. The delivery went as promised and the crew was very friendly and accommodating to my ever need. Overall would recommend if you want transparent pricing without hidden fees, and a friendly staff to help you every step of the way.
Moved from Bremerhaven (Germany) to Greenwich (United States)
 on Sirelo
They were extremely responsive, answered on weekends and at nights, never felt like I was bothering them. The guys who performed the move were quick, efficient and courteous. In the end we had a broken item and they addressed the concern and sent us a check for the item directly, took care of it on their own instead of throwing us to the insurance company.
Moved from Pinecrest (United States) to Miami (United States)

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