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Omega Relocations is a full service international moving company offering door to door shipping service.

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 on Sirelo
We used Omega Relocations, Inc. for our move to Spain. We contracted with them for door to door service (excluding estimated port fees) from our home in Columbia, Maryland to our home in the Barcelona Province of Spain. On September of 2022, they packed our goods and placed them into storage (for which we paid a monthly fee) until we were able to secure our visas to move to Spain.

On August 23, 2023, we gave Omega our Spanish address and asked them to ship our goods. Our final payment was due and paid at this time. When the goods were underway, we were turned over to their delivery partner in Spain, WillMove. This is where we started to see issues.

After our goods were shipped, we were billed for an administrative fee from WillMove and for a single-use plastics tax (on the plastic wrap Omega used to package our goods). WillMove’s administrative fee and the single-use plastics tax were not disclosed to us until this time.

We knew that we would have to pay port fees, as this was disclosed by Omega in the original contract. Their estimated port fees were between 500-700 euros. Our port fees were 796.79 euros (almost 100 more than their high end estimate). In addition to the port fees, we were charged 152.08 euros for the aforementioned single-use plastic tax and a total of 142.32 euros for WillMove's administrative fee (15% of the port fees and plastics tax). We were billed and paid 1091.19 euros instead of the estimated 500-700 euros. This was at least 391.19 euros higher than we expected based on the information we were initially provided.

Our goods arrived at the port on October 18, 2023 and cleared customs on October 23,2023. We were then given a delivery date of October 25, 2023. We were told the day before delivery, on October 24, 2024, that they could not deliver the container to our address, because the vehicle over 3.5 tons was not allowed on the route that they chose. I went back and forth with [Name removed by Sirelo] at WillMove, and found a route on Google maps that did not have the restrictions. I had also told them that we had several deliveries at our house already with trucks that were at least 40ft in trailer length, so I knew there was a route that worked.

Toward the end of that day, WillMove told us that the movers called our local police and they were not allowed to deliver to our address without a permit. We asked about getting the permit, but were told it could take weeks to get, and that any delay in delivery would cause serious demurrage fees and that we would have to pay extra for shuttling to avoid these fees. Omega had our Spanish address on August 23, 2023. Therefore, any issue with delivery could have been resolved by us had we known or been given any sort of information regarding this.

In order to get our goods delivered without even more fees, we were forced to pay the extra shuttling fee of 943.80 euros. Although we were told that the container with our goods could not be delivered directly to us because it exceeded 3.5 tons, we noted that both the trucks that WillMove used to shuttle and deliver our goods were also well over 3.5 tons.

We tried to resolve these issues with Omega Relocations, Inc, as this was the company that we officially contracted with in the U.S. to facilitate our move. We asked for a refund of WillMove's administrative fee (not previously disclosed) and the shuttling fees especially since we felt like our goods were being held hostage by higher fees if we did not pay the shuttling fee. Even though Omega admitted that we should not have been billed administrative fee by WillMove we were flatly refused any refunds and Omega Relocations, Inc claimed no wrongdoing.

We ended up paying an additional amount of 1335 euros ($1445) in undisclosed and extra fees. We initially chose Omega because their estimates appeared to be reasonable. We now know this is because they work with a partner who can and does charge “other” fees making the Omega Relocation, Inc.’s initial estimate inaccurate at best and fraudulent at worst.
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Moved from Columbia, Maryland (United States) to Barcelona (Spain)
 on Sirelo
This company have a very professional and nice Team… I’m in special thankful to [name removed by Sirelo] for her professional and kind way to treat her customers…
Thank you Omega Team for all your hard work.
I will definitely contact them again and I will recommend also.

Kind regards

Sandra Perez
Moved from Miami (United States) to Augsburg (Germany)
 on Sirelo
Very good experience, good price and very fast. Im very happy with the service. Definitely I will contact them again.
Moved from Weston (United States) to Malaga (Spain)
 on Sirelo
The Agent [Name removed by Sirelo] was very Nice and Professional and Helped us all The way, I Wouldn't Hesitate To Reccomend Her To Anyone. She Is Fantastic
Very professional
Very caring about my Move
Moved from Springfield (United States) to Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
 on Sirelo
Excelent experience. The packing and loading crew did a neat and fast job with disregarding efficiency and professional attitude.
Moved from Houston (United States) to Quito (Ecuador)
 on Sirelo
Once Omega was paid [name removed by Sirelo] (or anyone else) was incapable of returning a single email. Additionally, our shipment did not arrive as promised, but was almost 4 weeks later than quoted. I should have done better research and not only googled the company, but the name of the person I was speaking with. Once I did, I found a handful of the same challenges/complaints as my own.
poor communication
empty promises
Moved from Mount Pleasant (United States) to Parkdale (Australia)

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