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How to Move a Hot Tub

Complete Guide 2024

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Planning an upcoming move? Congrats! We bet you will want to maintain the same level of backyard relaxation you have now, which means bringing that jacuzzi along. But how do you go about moving a hot tub? While it is no easy task, with a bit of knowledge it is more than doable. Our guide will cover hot tub moving costs, how to prepare, and the best hot tub moving methods. Read on!

How to Move a Hot Tub

The first step to moving a hot tub is determining if you even want to move it. For reasons we will get into below, a hot tub move can be tricky (much less pricey). Since you have just upgraded your living situation, why not upgrade your jacuzzi situation? This could result in a lot less headache for the same cost!

But say you have the limited edition, top of the line hot tub that cannot be replaced? Then you have come to the right place. 😎

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Hot Tub

Before we go any further, let’s talk money. We all know that moving is going to cost a pretty penny, and adding a hot tub to the mix makes that penny extra pretty. So what does it cost?

This very much depends on what you are moving and how far you need to move it. Of course, hot tubs range significantly in size, and a move around the corner is much different than across the country. Prices will vary also depending on how many people need to be involved in the move.

But how much does it cost to move a hot tub on average? Around $350 $450.

Moving a Hot Tub Locally

A local move is generally considered to be less than 50 miles (some heroic local movers will go as far as 100 miles!). For specialized hot tub movers, the hourly rate is around $100 on average.

A local hot tub move will typically take between 2 – 4 hours, so expect a price tag between $200 – $400.

Moving a Hot Tub Long-Distance

With long-distance moves being greater than 100 miles, in most cases this means an inter-state move. Because a hot tub requires special attention, often it will be packed in its own truck unless there are other outdoor appliances coming along. With a dedicated truck and driver, this is reflected in the cost.

Bottom line? $650 – $2,000.

outdoor hot tub overlooking a lake surrounded by pine trees

Finding the Best Hot Tub Movers

We are sure that you can remember footing the bill when you first bought your hot tub. That memory might make you want to ensure that your jacuzzi arrives in one piece after your move. Therefore, hiring hot tub movers might be a worthy investment!

But you do not want to hire just any hot tub movers. A quick search for ‘hot tub movers near me could mean anyone, at any price. At Sirelo, we always recommend shopping around, comparing quotes from reliable hot tub movers.

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Preparing a Hot Tub for Moving

Moving a hot tub is not something to procrastinate on. In fact, it should receive special focus as you look ahead to moving day. While we know that you already have enough to think about as you plan your move (we have a checklist for that, by the way 😉), to make sure things go as smoothly as possible it pays to pay some extra attention.

By following the steps below, you will ensure that this cumbersome backyard luxury does not take up any more attention than necessary:

Plan Your Route

The experience of installing a hot tub can be so difficult that many think, ‘How will I ever get it out?‘. To manage this feat, you need to plan out some tricky logistics. By setting a route from your yard to the street, you can assess the challenges you and your hot tub movers will face.

Clear the Path

As you look ahead to moving day, make sure that the path to the moving truck is clear for the hot tub movers to navigate. This can mean clearing backyard brush and beating back overgrowth, or a set of ramps leading off your backyard deck.

Drain the Water

Did you know that a full hot tub can weigh up to 6,000 pounds? This means moving a hot tub empty is much easier than moving a hot tub full.

However, draining your jacuzzi is not just as easy as dumping water into your yard. Without proper drainage, this could flood the area (leading to all sorts of problems).

Our recommendation? Acquire a small water pump or set up a siphon which drains into a nearby sewer.

white moving truck against a white background

Best Way to Move a Hot Tub

Now that you are all set to move, let us get on to the moving! The logistics nightmare of moving a hot tub is finally upon us, but with some muscle and a little brains it will not be so terrible. Simply follow these steps to turn this nightmare back into your dreams of luxurious relaxation:

Support the Base

Most hot tubs do not have smooth, even undersides. By hoisting the empty hot tub a few inches off the ground, you can slide plywood or thick boards underneath to give it a workable foundation for loading and unloading.

Make sure you have enough helpers, and anyone with a bad back should steer clear!

Load onto Dolly

Now that your hot tub is well supported, you can tip it up to slide your moving dollies under it. Depending on the size of your hot tub, you may need more than one dolly. This might mean one dolly under the front and back ends, or one on each corner.

Your choice of moving dolly should come from your route planning. For example, moving a hot tub across grass will require a dolly with large, thick wheels.

With your dollies in place, secure the hot tub to it with several moving straps. As you roll your hot tub out of place, make sure that a strong helper is present on each side of the hot tub.

Secure to Moving Truck

Pushing your hot tub on wheels up the moving truck ramp might feel like a moment of truth, especially if it has been loaded on its side. This is when all those extra hands come in extra handy!

Once inside the truck, it is important to lash down the hot tub so that it does not move in transit. This might mean leveraging it off the dolly or tightening the whole item in place with multiple straps.

Don’t Forget About the Destination

As the moving truck pulls away we need to remember, ‘Now we have to do all this in reverse…‘ But look at it this way, you have already gone through the motions once, you can manage twice!

By preparing the path to your hot tub’s destination resting place you will ensure a smooth delivery. Making sure it has adequate support at the base and access to electrical connections will help with an easy installation.

close up on hot tub control panel

Last Tips for Moving a Hot Tub

Before we leave you to it, we should key you in on a last few tips for moving a hot tub. The ins and outs of the process are anything but simple, so while you do not need more to remember, we recommend locking up these points in a special memory bank:

  • Whatever you do, do not try to move a hot tub alone!
  • Be careful setting a hot tub on its side to not crush the control panel.
  • Place blankets around surfaces to prevent scratches and friction damage.
  • If you hire hot tub movers, consider purchasing moving insurance.
  • For extremely tight routes, renting a crane might be necessary (around $500 per day).

Moving a Hot Tub Made Easy at Sirelo!

We hope that by now you are a hot tub moving master. As you look ahead to moving day, you can rest easy knowing that on the other end you will be relaxing in style in an arrived-in-one-piece jacuzzi. Need more assistance with your move? Then check out the useful articles we have linked below for further reading. Good luck!