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Reestablishing a Life in Homeland

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Moving back to your homeland can be an exciting and emotional experience. Whether you are returning after years of living abroad or relocating for personal reasons, there is a lot to consider when planning your move. Eddie shares his experience of moving back to Ireland to reestablish a life in his homeland.

Moving to Ireland from the US – Eddie’s Interview

Can you please provide us with the reason for your move, as well as the origin and destination of your move? We would also be interested in hearing about your experience with the move.

I am Irish-born and have a family member who still lives in the country of Ireland. Having retired from my business, I cleaned the house and got rid of numerous items: Clothes, welding equipment and tools many pounds of material for sculpting, bedclothes and many sundry items as well. So far the experience has been fine as I am now in Ireland – at the beginning of a new life trying to slowly reestablish a life in the home of my birth, once again a self-employed sculptor awaiting my supplies for a new life of relaxed retirement.

We understand that selecting a moving company can be a challenging task. Can you please share with us how you managed to find the right company for your specific requirements, out of a large pool of potential candidates?

The company that I chose were attentive and helped with the logistics. They were of great assistance in many ways. I contacted many, some did not reply, and some did but I found the pricing system complicated as I have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, which happened on the 20th of October 2017. I have made great progress both physically and mentally as I pay attention to my body and its needs. I hope I will be delighted with my shipping choice. So far, I am very happy with my packing and the pick-up of my items.

Can you describe how your moving day went? Did everything occur as expected?

I had packed all the items myself into three wooden boxes, one trunk, made in Minnesota, with five stackable drawers and at least 10 cardboard boxes, with tools, clothes and a scattering of personal items that I have an emotional attachment to. I arrived at the U-Haul storage area on Como Avenue at 9:00 a.m. Two men arrived to pick up the crates, wooden boxes and the shipping trunk. We went through the doors and down to the lock-up 1008, we loaded the items for shipping onto three four-wheeled wagons. The items’ journey had now begun.

What valuable advice can you offer others based on your own moving experience? What are your top tips to help others during their move?

To add padding for the shipping I used Styrofoam around the perimeter of each container and laid a selection of items on the Styrofoam framed pictures, a layer of bubble wrap, tools, them a layer of clothes. I continued this pattern until the box was filled. I then moved on the next wooden box, until I had all three filled, then the numerous boxes and finally the trunk. I checked all the boxes, crates and finally the trunk to make sure that they were solid and that no items were loose. I feel that they are ready to meet me in Ireland when they arrive.

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