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Horrifying experience! An absolute nightmare!!!!!! I unfortunately hired this unprofessional, disgusting, company this past weekend.
I moved a one bedroom not too many things! I was quoted that for a 1 bedroom it would take about 3 hours and that’s their minimum which would be 342. Once I realized that the movers were moving extremely slow after the first hour I called Olga and she said she would talk to them and give me a discount. They continued to take a whole three hours just putting things in a truck. I ended up paying $700 and when I tried to stand up for myself because I was being taken advantage of, they had Sam come yell at me like some crazy mobster, disrespectfully getting in my face, never once spoke just yelled from the beginning. I’m literally a 5’4 small women. They threatened to take my stuff if I didn’t pay an additional $140. There was never any discount that I was promised.

Moving is so stressful and expensive to begin with you don’t need these thiefs taking advantage and draining money out of you.
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Moved in November, the movers came out very quickly, and did a very good job moving all of my items. They even wrapped all of the furniture and lifted a heavy fridge! A lot of my furniture was on the heavy side and they were able to move everything. When we got to the new place, he even asked me what room I wanted the items moved into.
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They broke my stuff! The worse experience ever! First of, they sent me two movers did an incomplete job within a 2.5 hour timeframe. Wasted more time and on top of that broke my stuff! They ended up telling me after I paid that “oh btw we broke your stuff… um sorry”. I would not recommend and would never go with them again!
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We hired Solve Moving Company to move us from one house to another. They gave us an estimate. I told them I had very many large items. They showed up with just one truck but said they needed two trucks. When the lead mover asked for an extra truck, the office manner told him no because they were overbooked. After 13 hours of work, wasted time driving back & forth, they stopped working but did not move all our stuff. Olga was very rude to us and basically said too bad. Now we have to hire another company to complete the job even though our family of three had to pay $2,800 to move. On a good note, the movers were excellent, hard working men. We would hire them in an instance. We just wouldn't hire Solve Moving Company again.
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Thank you to Sam and his team! I highly recommend using Solve for all your moving needs. They are efficient, hardworking, diligent, focused, very polite and respectful of the customer. They are strategic in their packing and extremely careful when moving items. I was very impressed. Also, thank you Olga for your assistance in making the moving arrangements. It was a great experience!

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