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If moving to Los Angeles is something you’ve been thinking about, you’re probably interested in being able to find a good moving company that can get you from A to B. You’re probably aware that there are tons of movers in Los Angeles who would love to help you. However, with so much choice, how can you possibly pick among moving companies in Los Angeles? Check out our recommendations below on how to choose among Los Angeles movers!

Reviews: Los Angeles Moving Companies

Given that moving definitely requires you to invest a pretty penny, we can imagine that sticking to your budget might be your number one priority. However, it’s important that you look a bit beyond costs and also evaluate the quality of the services offered by the moving companies that contact you. One of the easiest way to evaluate this is by looking at customer reviews online (Tip!: You can find tons of customer reviews for hundreds of moving companies in our site!).

Of course, positive customer reviews are the best indicators of not only that a moving company is trustworthy, but that it also offers high-quality services. But, it’s important that you take them with a grain of salt! Really take your time to seek out reviews across different platforms and compare what customers have to say among such. Keep in mind that, while customer reviews are a great source of information, extremely positive and/or negative reviews can oftentimes be misleading.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Los Angeles Movers?

Given that there are no fixed prices for moves to or within Los Angeles, we recommend that you check out our long-distance moving costs and local moving costs pages so you can get an idea of what to expect. When you request quotes from moving companies in Los Angeles keep in mind the following:

  • Distance: A larger distance will bring along higher prices.
  • Size of your move: Large moves are more costly. We recommend that you calculate the size of your move and try to declutter as much as possible.
  • Type of transport: The type of transport you decide to use (air, land, sea) to make your move represents an important part of your final costs.
  • Complexity: The more complex your move is (e.g.: number of movers, extra services, etc.), the more expensive it will be.

Unable to Choose Among Los Angeles Moving Companies?

We know that moving can be super stressful, so we understand if you’re struggling on taking the final steps to make the big move. If you don’t want to miss out on the best Los Angeles moving companies, at Sirelo we can help make your move easier. By filling out our simple quote form, we can put you in direct contact with up to 5 moving companies. This will allow you to compare between quotes, and ultimately select the one that suits your needs the best!

Moving to Los Angeles: How Much Does It Cost?

We can imagine that you’re more than ready to start a new life in Los Angeles –and we completely get it! As exciting as this thought is, it’s important that you’re aware of the costs associated with moving to Los Angeles before embarking on this new adventure.

Generally speaking, multiple factors might affect your moving costs. However, the most important ones are the size and distance of your move. To give you a better idea of what you can expect, below you can find a list of estimates for a full-service move to Los Angeles from various cities across the United States below.

New York City, NY$4,800 – $6,801$6,801 – $8,770$10,581 – $14,353
Chicago, IL$4,181 – $5,881$5,881 – $7,568$9,127 – $12,369
Seattle, WA$3,558 – $4,957$4,957 – $6,365$7,675 – $10,394
Austin, TX$3,765 – $5,263$5,263 – $6,763$8,154 – $11,043
Denver, CO$3,406 – $4,731$4,731 – $6,070$7,319 – $9,910

Please keep in mind that the rates shown above are just estimates and will vary depending on your actual point of departure and the service rates of the company.

How to Move to LA: Checklist

Are you one of those who take pride in how good their memory is? If yes, then we’re confident you’ll be more than capable of remembering all the little details associated with a move to Los Angeles. But, just in case you might need some extra help, make sure to take note of the following points:

  • Make decluttering your best friend. Remember that the size of your move heavily affects your moving costs;
  • We recommend evaluating the different neighborhoods in LA in detail to ensure you find the one that fits your lifestyle the best;
  • Calculate the size of your move and request moving quotes at least 8 weeks before your move – carefully compare quotes, this will help you save on your move;
  • Ensure you have all relevant documents in check (birth certificates, passports, driver’s license, pet documents);
  • Notify others about your move on time (e.g.: postal services, doctors, tax agencies);
  • Remember to cancel or transfer your utilities on time;
  • Start packing as early as you can, and remember to label as you go –trust us on that one, you’ll thank us later!

In case you’re interested in a full list, we recommend that you take a look at our national moving checklist –it has everything you might need to remember!

Moving to Los Angeles for Work

It’s not hard to imagine that the job market in Los Angeles is competitive and fast-paced. And, unless you’re moving to Los Angeles with a job secured, you will likely have to engage with this highly competitive market to find a suitable position. Even though you will be able to find job opportunities in multiple sectors, the following ones are the most successful and fast-growing ones at the present moment:

  • Health services;
  • Education;
  • High-technology R&D;
  • Architecture;
  • Construction;
  • Engineering;
  • Transportation and logistics;
  • Bioscience;
  • Hospitality & tourism.

Your average salary will depend of course on the career you decide to pursue, but you can expect an average salary of $75,000 a year. When scouting for a job, we recommend that you check out the following job-seeking platforms:

Costs of Living in Los Angeles

As you might imagine, living in Los Angeles can cost a pretty penny. But, even though California ranks as the most expensive state to live in the US, Los Angeles isn’t actually the most expensive city in the state –which is great news! It’s important that you keep in mind that, regardless of the general living expenses of the city, your costs will greatly depend on your lifestyle and the neighborhood in the city you choose to reside in. To illustrate what you can expect when moving to Los Angeles, we’ve broken down the most common living costs in subsequent sections.


The biggest part of your living costs will most likely come from housing-related expenses. Whether you’re interested in renting or in purchasing a home, be prepared to deal with some pretty steep prices. The average rent in Los Angeles is around $2,524 while the median home value is as much as $752,500. To further illustrate this, we’ve compiled a list of average rental and home prices across different neighborhoods in Los Angeles in the table below.

NeighborhoodAverage RentMedian Home Value
Sherman Oaks$2,062$890,000
West Hills$1,806$732,929
Hollywood Hills$2,380$1,867,991
Downtown LA$2,649$664,711
Highland Park$1,906$826,159
Beverly Grove$3,804$2,006,000
Los Feliz$2,060$1,631,756
Studio City$2,351$1,311,896
Playa Vista$3,315$1,124,140

Please keep in mind that the prices reflected above are just estimates. The rent and home value can vary depending on the location and characteristics of the property.

Like in any large metropolitan city, crime is a concern for a lot of Los Angeles residents. If safety is within your top priorities, we recommend that you look for housing in, for example, Studio City, Los Feliz, Encino, Playa Vista, and Beverly Grove as these are (although pricey) among the safest neighborhoods in the city.

Food and Groceries

If you’re a total foodie like us, you might be more than ready to indulge in the endless culinary possibilities Los Angeles has to offer. And even though we fully stand behind this idea, we can also imagine that, at least for budget reasons, you will need to cook a homemade meal every once in a while. So, to help you plan and budget accordingly we have compiled a list of the most common grocery items and their respective costs below.

Grocery ItemAverage Price
A carton of 12 eggs$3.55
1 lb. of local cheese$5.82
Loaf of fresh bread$3.32
1 lb. of beef round$5.52
1 lb. of potatoes$1.19
Bottle of wine$14.50
1 lb. of tomatoes$1.77
1 lb. of bananas$0.97
1 lb. of chicken fillets$5.65
Bottle of water (50 oz.)$2.08
1 lb. of onions$0.87

To assist you further on your culinary journey, we compiled below a list of some budget-friendly (and delicious!) restaurants for you to try when you move to LA. 😉

  • The Kimbap –amazing if you love Korean food;
  • Mariscos 4 Viento –traditional mariscos LA is very well-known for;
  • Guisados DTLA –into Mexican food? This restaurant is for you!;
  • Hasiba –perfect for those who are suckers for some good home-made hummus;
  • Maccheroni Republic –exquisite Italian cuisine;
  • St. Anne’s –great if you’re looking for that all-American flavor.


Luckily, if you’re planning on moving to LA without a vehicle, the city is well equipped with a great public transportation system that will get you from A to B in no time. So you know what to expect, below you can find a summary of public transport prices (applicable to both for metro and bus lines) in Los Angeles.

  • One-way ticket for $1.25;
  • One-day pass for $7;
  • Seven-day pass for $25;
  • Monthly pass for $100.

Things to Do

The City of Angels has a lot to offer –especially when it comes to entertainment. So, it’s almost guaranteed that the city will keep you on your toes from sunrise until sunset. Besides enjoying a nice stroll along the Santa Monica Pier, checking out the iconic Hollywood sign, and visiting our good ol’ friend Mickey Mouse, there are heaps of other activities you will most likely enjoy. We’ve compiled a list of such activities and their respective prices for you below.

Ticket to Griffith Observatory$7
Ticket to Los Angeles County Museum of Art$20
Three-course meal for two$75
Cappuccino at a local café$4.64
Ticket to Universal Studios Hollywood$139
Cocktail in a club downtown$14
Monthly gym membership$56
Two movie tickets$29
Ticket to the Aquarium of the Pacific$34.95
Two theater tickets$207
Ticket to the National History Museum of Los Angeles County$14

Did You Know…?

  • The Museum of Selfies, located in Los Angeles, is fully set to serve as your perfect selfie background– LA really has it all, doesn’t it?
  • The famous Hollywood sign originally read Hollywoodland.
  • Licking a toad is illegal in Los Angeles —we cannot imagine why on Earth anyone would like to do this, but we guess it’s good that it’s illegal…
  • Goats are used to keep the ground around the Getty Museum well-kept —who needs lawnmowers when you have goats, right?
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame has over 2,500 different stars.

We hope that you found exactly what you were looking for in this article and feel fully prepared to take the plunge and give the City of Angels a chance!

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