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Republic Moving and Storage is a leader among Chula Vista's top moving companies, serving San Diego, Temecula and beyond. At Republic we provide top-of-the-line moving and storage solutions for residential homes, military personnel, and commercial... More

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5 stars for my big long distance move with Republic Moving/North American. I was going to do it myself at first because of my fears of damage, cost, etc. From the start my sales rep Don Carlson assured me I was in good hands with the best company. He answered every question and came in with a better price than everyone else. Jessica Wicker was my move coordinator and was always available to assist and very communicative. My driver Mike McDermott and partner for the move Isaias Cuevas Jr. exceeded my expectations. Mike reassured me that my two most important items would be safe, my motorcycle and hydraulic table. He did not disappoint and both were perfect on arrival. Besides being great about communicating with me when I has questions, Mike was the nicest guy to get me moved. Both Mike and Isaias (also Joe in SD) wrapped, and protected all of my items, worked quickly and efficiently, and had the greatest personalities. Considering my pre-move fears, I am thrilled to say this was a 5 star move. If I ever have to move again or refer anyone to a moving company...this is my team. Thank you Don, Jessica, Mike & Isaias from the bottom of my heart.Read more
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This company damaged over $30k worth of our furniture. We trusted this company to store and keep the contents of our studio safe while moving, they did not. Heavy items were stacked on top of smaller items. Units were over packed and overfilled causing every items of furniture we put in their storage facility to be destroyed. Every table has a huge gouge, every chair is destroyed. A custom solid oak countertop is in ruin. They offered no reimbursement and instead are ignoring our emails.
Do not use this company!
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We just used this company on 12/1/23 and we have never had a worse moving experience. They ate our snacks out of our refrigerator (not while packing the refrigerator items, because they didn’t, but literally went into the fridge & ate items) & drank our juices & waters without asking. They opened taped (full) boxes that we had from our previous move to take items out & put other items in which they shouldn’t have done. We still had at least 75% of our property boxed up, which we did ourselves & labeled every single box so we knew exactly what was in every box.

This company not only didn’t label any boxes but they threw random things into boxes so we have no idea where things are. They took tv’s, and certain furniture apart that didn’t need to be taken apart (we moved these same items without taking them apart before). But items like a new sleep number bed they didn’t take apart because they didn’t know how to even though we were specifically promised that they did. Then they charged us another $600 to have techs come out to disassemble the bed then reassemble it in our new home. Then they didn’t want to reassemble the furniture that they took apart and even after telling them about things that they didn’t put together they left it undone anyway. They unplugged cords from electronics instead of taping them to the back of the items so now we have no clue where cords, remotes, & fire sticks are, or screws to some of the furniture that they unnecessarily took apart. We had items broken & walls (of our brand new home) deeply scratched. Halfway through the move they started arguing, fighting & playing around wasting time and started acting like they were done when there was still several items just left in the garage and not placed in the rooms that we asked.

Being a Navy Veteran I have moved many times in my life and I have never seen a more unprofessional, untrustworthy, incompetent, dishonest & lazy group of movers as the people in this company. As an example, we had (two) men in (one) truck (not the company named that), move these same items from Las Vegas to here (San Diego), going from a two story home into another two story home & they took (just the beds apart) and put them back together as they were without having to ask. They didn’t take things apart that didn’t need to be taken apart & not once did they complain. They didn’t argue, they didn’t damage or misplace a single thing. They did such a great job that not only did I give them a huge tip each, but we bought them lunch to eat in our home with us halfway through the job.

This Republic company sent (six) people out in (two) trucks & took at least an hour or so longer than what the (two) man crew took to move us & I have no idea how they are even movers with how poorly a job that they did.
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We recently used Republic to move a large house from California to Colorado. Their price was great and fully guaranteed, and their service was amazing. Everything was explained, on time, and professionally handled. We really had no hiccups at all and our belongings were expertly handled. I’ve never moved belongings to another state before and was surprised by how easy and seamless it was with Republic. I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. Shout out to Jay, our driver, who went above and beyond to handle another stop for us and get our stuff to us early! He was a rockstar!
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Excellent service! We returned from an 8-year assignment overseas and accumulated furnishings and sentimental items — all delivered with professionalism and care. Delivery team was quick, efficient and were meticulous in ensuring everything was accounted for and moved into place or assembled correctly. Quick, efficient, professional team!
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2 Stars because I received all my items but the packers are incompetent. Items were not packed safely and they opened containers I already packed and shoved more things in. I packed some items myself as they were delicate but they don't care. They even used boxes with other people info on them. What kind of crew packs boxes then leaves while 1 person stays back and shoves things together and wraps in plastic or uses your own bungee cord to keep things together. The company might be good but the crew I got was trash. When they left, I was not confident I would receive my belongings as I had them before the movers came. Not surprised items were damaged
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Punctual, hardworking, friendly and efficient. They had great communication throughout. Highly recommend them for all your moving needs!
The company was assigned to me for a military move and I am so thankful my belongings were in their hands. Thank you for making this move so easy!
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Lost half of my items during a move. You guys have one single job that you can’t do properly. Constantly getting the run around after you guys fail to reach back out to us. Movers will toss your items around without care. Horrible company as well as Suddath. Do not trust these people to move your items.
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We recently had a cross-country move (CA>NC). Ed and his team were incredibly respectful of our property. Everything was packed with care, and not one item was damaged during our move. Ed stayed in contact with us throughout the haul, and our items were delivered within one week. Everyone on Ed’s team was awesome! HIGHLY recommend! Thanks for everything :)
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These guys were great all the way around! Thankfully they had the foresight to set me up for packing before the move because that was definitely necessary. I was given a 'not to exceed' quote and the crew managed to come in below that price. There was a 3-man crew, all of whom were friendly and very hard working.

As anyone knows, moving is a CHORE but thankfully these guys did all of the hardest work and had an amazing and 'can do' attitude the whole way through. It's nice to be able to hand off one duty while moving and these guys seriously went above and beyond. Thanks to Jeff, Eddie and Keoki and the whole team for getting me to my new home!

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