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200 S Biscayne
33131 Miami

Chamber of Commerce

Ruby International
# 534072


International removals


Ruby International holds the following relevant licenses:
U.S. DoT

Type of Mover

This moving company carries out moves itself, but may outsource moves to other companies.
Out of 7 Sirelo reviews
86% of the users recommend this moving company
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7 out of 7 reviews shown
Ruby International provided fast, responsive, and quality service even when unexpected obstacles became apparent. My household goods were packed securely and have no damage, best of all my motorcycle looks exactly the same as when they put it into the container, I would trust them to move any vehicle.
Moved from San Antonio (United States) to Bury St. Edmunds (United Kingdom)
[names removed by Sirelo] are really professional and prompt with their work. Really appreciated and this company is definitely one the best to deal with. Furthermore, they are quite persistent in getting in touch with you, and as customer, this is something I definitely appreciate and value.
Fair price
Moved from Houston (United States) to Kl (Malaysia)
Great company, MF Logistics went out of their way. [name removed by Sirelo] was stellar, took care of us door to door. Highly recommended.
Moved from Seattle (United States) to Villa De Leyva (Colombia)
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, unless you want your stuff to go missing / be damaged.

I contracted Ruby International to move us from the East Coast of the USA back to Bristol in the UK, and it was a disaster from start to finish. We contracted Ruby to export wrap and move our possessions, as well as doing all the import paperwork. Here are some of the issues we experienced:
Team sent not big enough to pack
Not long enough allowed to properly export pack (originally Ruby were going to send a team for two days, but reduced this to one day at the last minute. I expressed concern about this, but they assured me this would be sufficient time. The crew sent made it clear that they only had one day because Ruby did not want to pay for the overnight stay for the crew)
Team sent not proficient in packing. Many boxes half full, many items inappropriately packed, with unwrapped glassware next to other kitchen equipment, unwrapped paintings placed on top of clothes etc.
My husband and I ended up taking apart beds and packing items ourselves (despite paying them over $11k) as the crew became stroppy, started shouting at each other, and just weren't packing our stuff
Many items not wrapped at all, and just thrown into the container
As there was an issue with the container being released, Ruby sent a removal lorry and repacked our items into the container later. They miscalculated the size of lorry required, and packed things so badly (half full boxes, legs not removed from tables etc) that they couldn't fit everything in. They then indicated that they would charge us to pick up the remaining items / asked if we really needed the items left behind ... in the end they picked it up and didn't double charge us, but this was after a great deal of stress
Items missing
Items damaged
Boxes overfilled and extremely heavy, which resulted in some of them splitting
Incomplete inventory that was impossible for the UK removal company to use
Removal crew in the UK commented that it was one of the worst packing jobs they'd seen. They were unable to use the inventory to see if anything was missing, so ended up just counting the boxes / other items off the container
I paid $125 for a crate for a valuable painting. No crate was used.
[name removed by Sirelo], one of the directors, assured me prior to engaging them, that every single one of our possessions would be treated with the utmost care, and that they wanted to provide 'excellent', not just 'good' customer service ... evidently this was an empty sales line
I have asked Ruby International on multiple occasions for a refund for the crate and for a plan for compensation. They have now agreed to refund the money for the missing crate, however are unwilling to provide other compensation, or even issue an apology.

I used on the way out to the States and they were excellent. I WISH I'd found someone like them for the way back too. Lares, the company that did the UK side of our relocation back to the UK was also extremely good, I would recommend them.
Too many to list. See description
Moved from Portsmouth, Nh (United States) to Bristol (United Kingdom)
Response of
Thank you for your review and comments.

We are sorry you feel the way you do.

I would like to respond to the information provided in your review as I do think it is important that both sides of the story are provided since this is a public forum:

Your shipment was quoted as 1,500 CF in a 40’ container. We did not send the shipping line container to your home as there were steamship line schedule delays which did not allow us to pull the container for your move date. You were informed of the possible delays prior to booking and then were called and emailed when we received the steamship line schedule change 2 days prior to your move. You understood that the container would not come to your home for loading and you would be charged warehouse handling due to the double handling and approved the charges.

We therefore sent a 26’ truck (which holds 1,800 CF) in place of the container. We sent a 6 man crew which by far exceeds the normal 4 man crew normally dispatched for a shipme nt of your size.

The reason more men were sent was to accommodate a schedule change on your end. Your move was initially booked for 2 weekdays however you changed your dates as you needed to move out of the home on Monday morning as your flights changed.

We therefore moved your shipment to the weekend and sent a larger crew as the movers do not work on Sundays. Your comments that the crew was reduced to one day as Ruby did not want to pay for overnight stay is an inaccurate statement.

On Saturday, everything was packed and loaded into the truck and the crew leader reached out to dispatch at the end of Saturday afternoon and advised there was approximately 200 CF of items left in the garage that did not fit on the truck. Again the truck holds 1,800 CF and there was an additional 200 CF left out which totaled an estimated 2,000 CF (500 CF over the estimated amount).

We therefore proceeded to dispatch a dedicated Sprinter Van early Monday morning (arrived your home at 9:00AM as you were flying out and had to leave the home by 12:00noon) to collect the items that were left behind including the additional packing materials that were not used and left behind as there was no room on the original truck . This was AT NO CHARGE TO YOU although your volume exceed the estimated amount by 500 CF. We did not miscalculate the size of the shipment, but rather you took items you advised the estimator were not being shipping.

In one part of your review, you state the boxes were half empty and in another part of your review, you state the boxes were overfilled and extremely heavy. One statement contradicts the other.

The crew is a professional moving crew who handle international packing for a living, day in and day out. They are trained in packing and inventorying solely for international moves. All items were packed and inventoried. The items that arrived on Monday back to the warehouse from the dedicated sprinter van were added to the initial inventory. There were 374 pieces on the inventory and 374 pieces/items were delivered to your self-storage facility.

Boxes were not opened upon delivery, therefore, we are not sure why you may think items are missing. On the inventory you signed at delivery you state, items may possibly be missing.

We received photos of the contents in the container. We do not see any items damages other than a leg bent on a small dresser. In your complaint, you state damages in plural. There were no damage notations on the delivery documentation, just your comment, “items may possibly be missing”.

You declined/waived insurance that was offered through our company. You mentioned you insured elsewhere. When you reached out to us about damages, we confirmed you purchased insurance elsewhere and to reach out to your insurance carrier.

You refer to incomplete documentation in your complaint, however, all documentation was in order and the container cleared customs prior to the arrival at the port in the UK which allowed us to deliver the goods immediately upon arrival into your self-storage.

The wooden crate cost was reimbursed.

You are requesting thousands of dollars in compensation. We performed your move door to door as contracted. We communicated with you on a regular basis on schedule delays due to current issues we are facing in our industry. We did not charge you for the additional volume shipped nor the dedicated van sent to collect the additional volume as we stand behind our quote (although additional items were taken from those surveyed).

We thank you for your business and we are sorry you are not 100% completely satisfied with our services.

We wish you health and happiness in your new home.
We had read all kinds of horror stories about containers getting stuck for weeks or months in customs or prices jumping up for various reasons. Also it was a nightmarish thought, having to do all the packing, cataloging, paperwork, customs negotiating, unpacking, and on and on. But….
Ruby International did EVERYTHING for us from start to finish. More than door-to-door, it was cabinet/closet/dresser-to-cabinet/closet/dresser. Literally everything packed securely in paper and cardboard, unpacked on the other end, then all packing material hauled away at the end. They literally took all work and responsibility away from us. This is the ONLY way to do a move.
And I can’t say enough about the incredible workers on both ends. The packing efficiency of the US crew was unbelievable and had all of our stuff packed and loaded in 4 hours. And the Costa Rican crew was also top notch and were super friendly and helpful.
I can’t say if the final price was above, below, or typical of other companies, but it was absolutely worth every dollar to have every worry taken off of our shoulders. If I had to do this again I would only call one company.
Everything was positive.
Moved from Edmond, Ok (United States) to San Ramon (Costa Rica)
They came when they said they would the men worked very well and they delivered my merchandise the same day with a lot of care.
Moved from Miami Beach (United States) to Surfside (United States)
I had an absolutely amazing experience with Ruby International! They made my move 1000% better without needing me to worry about anything. I compared at least 8 companies, their rates are the best. I was skeptical at first given their best rate and was afraid that they will have hidden fees as I saw from other company's review. On top of that, Ruby International did not have a lot of reviews online so I wasn't sure whether the company is legit. However, the company had repeatedly followed up and answered all of my questions in a super responsive manner despite I am a small customer with only $300 value. [Name removed by Sirelo], an exceptional customer service representative, also contacted me directly via text and phone and patiently explained to me that they just recently open their B2C arm. [Name removed by Sirelo] provides top-notch customer service, so I trusted him and tried Ruby International. I kept changing my box sizes and they do not mind giving me new quotes. [Name removed by Sirelo] promptly helps me schedule and reschedule pick-ups accommodating to my last-minute changing schedules. [Name removed by Sirelo] also helped to contact FedEx due to their failure to pick up my boxes on time. I was still worried that my boxes might get extra charges upon delivery because the price was pretty good, but my mom called me a few days after saying the boxes arrived without extra charges! If you want your move to be seamless and stress-free, Ruby International is definitely for you, their customer service and prompt actions will make sure you get everything sorted for your last-minute moves!
Exceptional Customer Service
Seamless Experience
Moved from New York (United States) to Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

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