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License number: 026891N
Checked by us on: August 1, 2022
License number: 3164390
Checked by us on: August 1, 2022

Transparent International has 60 years of combined experience in logistics. It's that experience that enables us to handle moving overseas companies with an effort and precision that will amaze you. Whether you are an owner of a small or big... More

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I would definitely recommend Transparent International if your planning a big relocation. From the very beginning [Name removed by Sirelo]made the process very clear and made sure to give me disclaimers about delivery spreads possibly taking longer because of Covid and supply chain problems. In the end my stuff arrived within 5 weeks but I like that he wasn’t just telling me what I want to hear like everyone else. All my good arrived in perfect condition.
Careful with furniture
Moved from Philadelphia (United States) to London (United Kingdom)
When I had to transfer for work, I was tasked with finding my own transportation service to ship basically my whole life across the globe. Thankfully, these guys were a huge help. They handled everything for me and it was a stress free experience. They’re not cheap but you get what you pay for. The whole process took under two months from start to finish which is good for international shipping, so I’m told.
Moved from San Francisco (United States) to Málaga (Spain)
They helped me move back to Mexico 🇲🇽. It was a bit more than 12000$ for three bedroom they did all work. Not cheap but nothing broke and was quick . Gracias par todo.
Moved from New York (United States) to México D.f. (Mexico)
All contacts I had with them were professional and informative. Any questions were quickly and clearly answered. They made the process easy.
Moved from Eugene (United States) to Faaborg (Denmark)
Original quote - $12 000. After they took 3/4 of our stuff (because they sent a truck that was too small) they said that we had not been accurate in how much stuff we had. The quote was now $30 000
The movers were 4 hours late and took forever. They were extremely disrespectful - smoked on our property and left cigarette butts behind.

They packed up as much as they could.
The company called back and said the price was now $30 000. I think this is a tactic they use - hijack your stuff and then charge a crazy ransom.
They sent a second truck the following week after we had left the house. Our neighbours inspected our house and said the movers had left it in a total mess.

About 70% of our goods were damaged and one table was missing.

The staff we worked with on the phone were extremely courteous. But this was simply a horrible experience for me and my family.
Moved from Ithaca (Canada) to Saskatoon (Canada)
Very communicative - due to COVID and associated impact on the global shipping industry, our boxes were delayed beyond the original estimate, however they responded to my every email in a timely manner and provided updates as often as they could. When our shipment arrived, everything was as expected (no damage and complete). Also, I locked in my rate (per their suggestion) 6 months before our shipment pick-up date which saved us $$.
Moved from Portland, Or (United States) to Belfast (United Kingdom)
I reached out to transparent and spoke to [name removed by Sirelo] who was responsible for giving me the estimates and there till they had me, I paid, and then it goes to another department.
There were many warning signs, but since I was a novice I missed them.
He didn't need to do a video call to see the items in order to give me an estimate, in fact [name remved by Sirelo] said he didn't even need measurements, just wanted me to name the items like dining table, buffet etc.
Now this is where I should have exited, but I thought this meant he was so experienced!!!!
It is impossible to get a near accurate estimate until the moving company has actually seen the items , so they can assess the cubic feet, number of pellets that will be needed etc

Needless to say my estimate of $3200 odd dollars became $6000 odd dollars after the shipment had been picked up and I was tied in and at their mercy.
There can be some variation of course, but the volume and cost cannot double, it is clearly an unscrupulous and unethical way in which the company functions and lures customers, preying on human greed for the best value.

This is a short version of the torture, please be aware of that.
Once I paid my deposit, there were different people I was coordinating with, and it was not a great experience at all.

The destination agent in India has still not cleared my shipment, despite it arriving on January 2nd 2022, more than a month ago, so it tell you that they are short changing the customer at every step, using substandard companies.

I have no clue what lies ahead, how much more I will have to pay, when I will get my shipment and in what condition it will be!

This has been an awful. traumatising experience, and I would advise no one to go anywhere near Transparent International Movers.
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Moved from New Hampshire (United States) to Mumbai (India)
In September of 2021, we contracted with transparent International to move our household possessions from Puerto Rico to Sugar Land, Texas. Our possessions were packed around October 22nd. Our possessions left Puerto Rico on November 3rd and arrived at Jacintoport in Houston, Texas on November 9th. Our possessions were shipped by National Shipping. Our possessions were not delivered to us until December 22nd. The events leading up to that are as follows. We received a call around December 9th stating that Transparent would deliver our possessions on December 14th. On December 13th we received an invoice from Transparent for $5,433 for storage at the Port of Houston. The way that Transparent processes a payment is; day 1 - Invoice, day 1 - payment, day 2 - clears Transparent's bank, day 3 - delivery scheduled. Therefore, Transparent could not and did not deliver our goods on December 14th as scheduled. Instead, we received an invoice for $690.00 for 4 more days of storage at the port, with a new delivery date of December 17th. Transparent's trucker did not get to the port before it closed, so the delivery did not occur. We received another invoice for $517.50 for 3 more days of storage at the port. Transparent is supposedly moving our possessions from the port to a different storage facility today. with a new scheduled delivery date (to us) on December 22nd.
We contacted National Shipping in late December and asked them to supply us the charges that were billed to Transparent International. That day, National said that they would supply us with a break out of the charges. Since that time, we are unable to get through to them over the phone. The calls are not answered and the phone says that it is not equipped to take voice messages.
We contacted National Shipping as well and they stated that they contacted Transparent before the goods arrived as well as a week later. Transparent's response, per National Shipping, was that they would pick up the goods 'soon'. Despite our numerous calls to Transparent in November, it wasn't until December 9th before Transparent contacted us.
I would NEVER use this company again as they were not responsive or truthful.
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Not truthful
Talked down to me
Moved from Humacao (Puerto Rico) to Sugar Land (United States)
Nothing that i expected. Transparent is definitely not the word to describe this company. Would not recommend
Moved from Pennville (United States) to Perth (Australia)
[name removed by Sirelo] went the extra mile to earn my business. She made sure that I had a very positive experience and had patience when walking me through the process.
rushing the inventory list
Moved from Scottsdale (United States) to San José (Costa Rica)
Criminals. Unethical business practices. Pass the buck: 'It's in the hands of the Mexican moving company, so we have no control.' ???? WTF.... I paid big dollars for them to see the move from start to finish. Anyone they subcontract is still their responsibility. I was told 6 weeks max, but probably less. It's been 4 weeks, and my piano hasn't even entered Mexico. I sold my house, car, and nearly all earthly possessions with the expectation per the sales rep, that they could get my piano to my new home in Mexico. I have less than six months to live, and stress adds to my health problems. I wanted to move to Mexico to live on the cheap and work on some piano compositions. [Name removed by Sirelo] will ever utter the words, ' I understand your concern. Let me get with operations and see how we can resolve this situation.' Instead, she speaks in this robotic unconcerned voice, and refers to the small print in the contract. I may die before my piano gets here I was working on a composition for my Dad, 92, about he and my Mom, who died from dementia in 2020 at age 91. I've really had it with the small print, and people in a service profession who collect the fee up-front, and then don't deliver on the understanded services to be performed.Read more
Moved from Plano (United States) to Cancun (Mexico)
Very knowledgeable people and they care about costumer
They help me in all area they made my moving very quickly and easy
Moved from Buzzards Bay (United States) to Chiang Mai (Thailand)
*****My life would have been simpler and healthier selling everything I owned instead of working with Transparent!*****

Bottom Line Up Front:

Expect over 50% cost increases
Expect not to be informed of delays
Expect to be dodged by customer service and management
Expect to pay ~$33K to make your home livable while you wait
Expect not to be able to plan vacation because you are using PTO for medical treatments because you’re sleeping on an air mattress and aggravating a VA rated combat disability.
Expect to be disappointed

I contacted Transparent to conduct an OCONUS to CONUS move for me on behalf of my former employer and the Government in May 2021.

The sales staff was aggressive , and I advocated for the company with my former employer, although the company was the highest bidder. I mistook the aggressiveness of the sales team for hands on customer service (boy was I wrong).

I was originally told that my shipment was delayed due to container unavailability; however, my shipment was packed in its own container. No two answers are the same, and none feel honest.

Communications with the imports team are atrocious. I firmly believe my calls are being dodged (on. October 15th, I was on hold for an hour and a half when calling from the phone number on file. While on hold I called from a friend’s phone and was connected with someone immediately. After that I was disconnected, called back from the friend’s number and was placed directly on long term hold, so I spoofed a phone number and like magic was connected.) I am not called back for updates at agreed upon times, and e-mails are not returned in a timely manner.

Emails go unanswered, and my former employer’s logistics team gets conflicting information about delivery, management availability, and *NEW* outstanding invoices, while I am told that there is nothing the company can do. I have not been able to speak to a manager about the issues, being told they only take select customer phone calls, and then told the ENTIRE management chain went to a conference.

I have an upcoming legal necessity for my furniture, as well as a combat related disability that has been aggrieved by sleeping on an air mattress since May.

Transparent International is costing me paid time off spent for additional medical treatments, I have had to purchase a new vehicle, new couches, TV, Dining Table, pots and pans, kitchen appliances, work desk, television, and professional clothing and medical aids due to the company’s inability to provide logistical support to the move.

I am now replacing bedroom furniture because Transparent International will not deliver the goods, give an estimated date, or allow me to self recover my items (which are allegedly in a warehouse 30 minutes from my home. Although the status of my household goods have been “reported “ I have no information on my vehicle.

I have moved internationally five other times, and have NEVER been treated so badly or handled so poorly by a company.

I would love to actually speak to someone in management, but would be happy to receive my goods and part ways with this company.
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Non communicative
Moved from Stuttgart (Germany) to Leavenworth, Ks (United States)
Everything was ahead of the expected schedule. That is a good thing. For us it was the ONLY draw back and not the shipping company's fault. No scratch, professional packers at the start, really good guys unpacking at the end.
no unexpected charges
knowledgeable agents present at every turn
ahead of expected schedule which I don't blame them for
Moved from Berwick (United States) to Pelt (Belgium)
Extremely disappointed with this dishonest company. Here are the facts:
Paid quote upfront $4850 for 496cf. and was repeatedly assured we'd be refunded any extra volume paid for.
6-8 weeks delivery estimate, maximum 12 weeks stated.
Further voice-call request for $485 cash tip for movers (10%)
Movers arrived Mar 15th, signed packing document stating 458cf.
Transparent refused to refund difference ($371) stating 'No variance reported'
Another $240 bill for hidden costs inc $90 for mirror box (mirror cost $80), 2 x $70 TV boxes (no TVs shipped)
Email threats in invoice to withhold our items and charge for storage.
Items delivered Aug 5th, over 20 weeks later.
Transparent use blanket excuses of COVID and 'steamship line delays'
I have documented proof our items were loaded into container June 29th (15 weeks after collection)
Delivery men in Ireland confirm document stating 458cf., which I also have as proof of volume.
Numerous items damaged, Items missing,
Transparent again refuse to admit actual volume stating 'No variance reported”Read more
Movers were polite
Refused to refund for lower volume shipped than paid for
Delivery of our goods took over 20 weeks
Moved from Astoria (United States) to Dublin (Ireland)
My things have still not arrived so I don't know the final outcome. Volume and weight estimates were never clear in regards to what was actually shipped. I was assured they would be adjusted when the items were picked up but the company that picked them up did not determine the final volume/weight. I suspect the actual volume was quite a bit less then the initial estimate.
Flexible options
Quick response
final shipping volume not provided with adjustment
was not clear how many companies were involved in the process
Moved from Exeter (United States) to Monteverde (Costa Rica)
I was charged far more than the original quote. They insisted that our estimation of the cubic feet was wrong even though we measured the truck which contained our items. They charged us for beds which, they said, is not considered as furniture. I was told that I was told of this charge (I most definitely was not told). I was also, originally, charged for approx 40 boxes which I had packed myself. Two days later when they realized I was telling the truth there was no apology and by this time I was dealing with one of the managers ([name removed by Sirelo]) who had NO customer service skills and was abrupt and edging toward rudeness. The original agent I was dealing with ([name removed by Sirelo]) , suddenly left the picture when problems arose. He was charming but I realized he was there to charm you into a contract and then you had to deal with [name removed by Sirelo] who seemed to have no empathy and did not even phone back promptly. When our belongings arrived in the UK they were supposed to go to Liverpool and then storage in Birmingham. They instead went to London and are stored in Hemel Hempstead which is miles away. The annoying part of this is I was told to write Birmingham on every box which was time consuming to say the least. Moving abroad is incredibly stressful sadly this company just added to the stress and once they had you hooked their attitude completely changed. I would NOT recommend you use their services.Read more
Moved from Traverse City (United States) to Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Very satisfied with the level of service and the whole experience really. Clear, concise, prompt communication for every phone call/email. I was well informed on what to expect each step of the way, which was very reassuring. Was really impressed with the attention to detail and effeciency. Movers were on time and packed my belongings carefully and effeciently...even though there turned out to be more than I initially reported. There WAS a price increase for this reason, which is to be expected. I found it to be a fair amount considering the much larger volume.
Very successful relocation. Recommend highly if moving overseas!
Customer service
Moved from Seattle (United States) to Brussels (Belgium)
I was kept informed on the status of my stuff. Delivery happened around when they said it would. Cost at the end was about what was quoted.
Moved from Charlotte Amalie (Virgin Islands) to New York (United States)
Simple question process
Easy to reach and no dancing around questions
Arrived on time and on the day of scheduled move as promised
Quality materials used to pack and good crew for loading
Delivered on time and unloaded and set up my apartment nicely

Price quoted was very close to the price I paid
fair price
professional work
Moved from Oakland (United States) to Madrid (Spain)
They did what they told me they would do and I had no complaints. The movers arrived on time. They packed my stuff carefully and my stuff arrived at destination on time. No issues with the service provided by Transparent International.
Moved from New York (United States) to Tel Aviv (Israel)
The shipment (USA to UK) was picked up at the end of May - the crew were great. I was promised 6-8 weeks in transit. Problems began after collection when I should of been hearing about delivering, there was silence. I was then informed (after much chasing) this was the fault of the 'steam ship company' there was a delay of a month with delivery - busy time of year.. nothing to do with Transparent. I have written to them again today to check we are still on course for UK arrival this week and now its further pushed back by 2 weeks. The now estimates arrival in UK as 17 weeks after collection and still no estimate on delivery to final destination. The wildly shifting dates and lack of communication is not something I can recommend to others, I'm starting to think my shipment is stolen/lost. I have not found the company to be reliable or transparent - but they are very sorry! Avoid at all costs!
talk the talk
opaque not transparent
Moved from State College (United States) to Norwich (United Kingdom)
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