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Moving a Mobile Home

How Much Does It Cost?

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The name says it all – when you buy a mobile home, you’re buying the freedom to move. But how many of us have ever used that freedom, and how much does it cost to move a mobile home? We explain the common cost factors, share typical price ranges, and help you prepare to put the mobile name to the test!

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

Moving a mobile home is easier said than done. While far more moveable than traditional homes, it doesn’t say much to be more mobile than the unmovable. The difficulty involved in moving a mobile home (after all, it is a whole house!) therefore demands a hefty bottom line.

So what does it cost to move a mobile home? In essence, the price to move a mobile home boils down to two main costs (plus a few minor fees):

  • (1) Moving costs
  • (2) Setup costs

Each comes together to bring the average cost to move a mobile home around $7,500 (when moving locally). But like each of us, every moving situation is different. Therefore, you can only know what price tag to realistically expect after you’ve received an estimate from trustworthy a few mobile home movers!

Sirelo Tip! Look back at your purchase agreement. It is common to negotiate future mobile home moving costs into the original purchase price. You might have already bought your move!

✅ Mobile Home Moving Cost

If you thought shipping packages has gotten pricey, now imagine scaling up the weight to an entire home! Puts things in perspective, right?

However, the price to move a mobile home can be simple (and doesn’t always break the bank!). Mobile home transport costs can be broken down on a per mile basis. Average per mile rates come in around $15, so moving a mobile home less than 100 miles is the most affordable option. Easy-peasy!

If you have a long distance to go, consider if the cost to move a mobile home is actually worth it. Moving a mobile home cross-country (especially an older one) can end up costing a large fraction of buying one new.

✅ Mobile Home Setup Costs

We’ve all passed the eighteen-wheeler on the interstate hauling a modular home (while certainly giving it a wide berth), but that’s only half the process. Setting the house on its new lot can cost as much or more than the actual moving!

Mobile home setup costs include strapping it to the foundation, as well as connecting the plumbing and other utilities. For small homes on simple lots this can cost as low as $1,000 but can quickly get up to $5,000+ if it is difficult for your mobile home movers to maneuver on the lot or if utility connections need to be laid fresh.

Price to Move Mobile Home by Type

Mobile homes may be a familiar sight, but no two are moved the same (or for the same price). Below we list approximate price ranges for modular home size categories – but be aware! The cost to move a mobile home is always determined on a case-by-case basis:

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Single-wide?

Your standard single-wide mobile home is generally affordable to buy and just as affordable to move. Unless your arrival or destination sites are particularly complex, like on the side of a cliff (good luck with that one!), the biggest cost-driver when moving a mobile home is distance:

Per Mile$6 – $15
In-State$2,500 – $5,000
Long-Distance$3,000 – $10,000

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Double-wide?

Given the increased size, the logistical challenges of moving a double-wide grow substantially. The process is the same, but the cost to move a double-wide is also substantially greater. Think bigger trucks, bigger insurance, bigger everything!

Per Mile$10 – $20
In-State$4,000 – $7,500
Long-Distance$10,000 – $30,000

Moving a Tiny House

While not technically classed as mobile homes, lately tiny houses are all the rage. One of the biggest benefits of living small is that it’s often easy to pick up and go. Some tiny houses are even equipped with wheels (basically trendy trailers), so if you can tow it yourself it’s free to move!

Per Mile$1 – $2
In-State (less than 100 miles)$150 – $500
Long-Distance (100+ miles)$1,000
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Hidden fees

Nothing is worse than a ballooning price tag in the run-up to a big move. Unexpected fees are a mood-killer when you have a new job or city to focus on, so we’ll mention a few common expenses that might sneak into your mobile home moving costs:

✅ Wheels & Axels

If your mobile home has been sitting for a while, the wheels and axels might be rusted out. New wheels will put you back $50 a piece and axels come in at $150.

✅ Escort Vehicles

As much as we all want our own parade, we certainly don’t want to pay for one! Ask your mover if they use escort vehicles when moving a mobile home. If so, expect to pay an additional $1 – $2 per mile.

✅ Permits & Inspections

Depending on your utility needs, you may need to acquire permits for certain installations (oh, the bureaucracy!). In many cases your property might need to be inspected to be approved for installation upon arrival. Prices vary per state and per municipality but typically fall within the $25 -$250 range.

Home inspector surveying a property

✅ Deck & Landscaping

Nobody wants to live off the ground on a dirt lot, so in addition to your move there’s also cosmetic expenses to factor into your mobile home moving costs. Hiring a landscaping crew ($100 per hour!) will make you wish money grew on trees, and a high-quality wooden deck runs into the thousands.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to tackle these on the day you move your mobile home. 😉

Finding the Best Mobile Home Movers

How many companies would you trust with your entire house? Certainly not your typical phonebook tow trucker. Luckily, many movers specialize in moving mobile homes and odds are a quality service is available in your area. Whoop whoop!

To find the best mobile home movers for you, you’ll want to read online mover reviews and compare price quotes. At Sirelo, we do our best to ensure you have plenty of quality mobile home movers to choose from. Simply fill out the form below to get matched with the right mover – and it’s totally free!

How to Prepare a Mobile Home for Moving

When moving a mobile home, many of the same preparations are involved as when moving between non-mobile homes. Everybody still has to pack up their stuff neatly in boxes, go through the steps to change your address, yada-yada. Leafing through a moving checklist with packing tips handy never hurt anybody!

But how to prepare a mobile home for moving, specifically? This of course depends on how much your mobile home movers will do and how much you’ll do yourself. In short, there’s different tasks to perform on the inside and on the outside.


Planning a move can feel like your whole life is being shaken up. When moving a mobile home, you can take this literally! Before moving day you’ll want to batten down the hatches, securing all doors, cabinets, light fixtures, toilets, and any other loose components.

As much as possible, you should remove all furniture. This not only ensures it won’t be damaged, but also makes the weight of the mobile home more manageable to transport. Your mobile home movers will thank you!


Outside preparations for moving a mobile home have mostly to do with paving the way for your movers. Any technical mumbo-jumbo should be left to the pros, like releasing your home from its foundations and jacking it up onto its axels.

To make sure your mobile home movers have easy access, clearing away any garden debris and removing old junk is key. 🔑

Anything you don’t want flying away during transport should be removed too. Satellite setups, flags, window gardens, name it! This is also a good moment to check for loose siding and broken latches in the doors.

Now You Should Be All Set to Move Your Mobile Home!

Even though moving a mobile home isn’t the easiest thing in the world, it’s certainly not the hardest either. Understanding how mobile home moving costs are determined allows you to find the best price for you. Whether it’s a single-wide, double-wide, or something in between, we’ve got your back. Now it’s time to pack up, kick back, and enjoy the ride!