Moving to Seattle

Your Full Guide to a Move to Seattle

Have the emerald green forests and the renowned coffee chains finally made you interested in moving to Seattle? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Because we know that researching can be a hassle, we’ve compiled all the relevant information you need to know about how to move to Seattle.

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Moving to Seattle: How Much Does It Cost?

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about moving is how much it will actually cost. We know that this can be a painful thought, as moving can be quite expensive. However, any investment that will take you to a place you can call home will be worth it!

We ask you to keep in mind that there are two main factors that can affect the total cost of your move, the size of it and the distance between moving points. If you’re moving long-distance, your costs will likely be higher than if you’re moving locally within the state of Washington.

To give you a better idea of what you can expect, we compiled the prices of for a full-service move to Seattle from various cities across the United States below.

New York City, NY$4,794 – $6,791$6,791 – $8,757$10,565 – $14,331
Houston, TX$4,229 – $5,953$5,953 – $7,660$9,235 – $12,512
Miami, FL$4,861 – $6,887$6,887 – $8,874$10,691 – $14,485
Los Angeles, CA$3,558 – $4,957$4,957 – $6,365$7,675 – $10,394
Chicago, IL$4,175 – $5,872$5,872 – $7,556$9,111 – $12,347
Denver, CO$3,612 – $5,037$5,037 – $6,468$7,798 – $10,561

Please keep in mind that the rates shown above are just estimates and will vary depending on your actual point of departure and the service rates of the company.

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Moving to Seattle Checklist

We believe that you’re more than capable of remembering everything you need to do before and after your move to Seattle. However, just in case you need an extra hand we recommend that you check out our national moving checklist, or that you at least make note of the following most important points:

  • Calculate the volume of your move and request moving quotes
  • Collect all important documents (birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, pet documents)
  • Notify others about your move on time
  • Cancel/transfer your utilities on time
  • Start packing and remember to label as you go –trust us on that one, you’ll thank us later!

Living Costs in Seattle

When it comes to living costs, Seattle ranks among the most expensive cities to live in in the United States –this is largely accredited to the large population growth in the city in the past decade. Overall, the living costs in Seattle are around 49% higher than the national average.

But, don’t let this discourage you! Keep in mind that your living costs will largely depend on your lifestyle as well as on the part of the city you decide to live in. We’ve broken down the costs into the most common four categories below to give you a better idea of what you can expect.


When it comes to housing, the average rent in Seattle as of June 2020 is $2,061 per month. However, as we mentioned before, this will not only depend on the part of the city you choose to live in but also on the size of the property you’re interested in renting. Below you can find some estimates of possible rent prices for different property types.

Property TypeAverage Rent

Please keep in mind that the prices reflected above are just estimates. The rent can vary depending on the location and characteristics of the property.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home rather than renting it when you move to Seattle, it’s important that you keep in mind that the housing market in Seattle is extremely competitive compared to others in the country –leading to steep property prices. As of June 2020, houses were selling on the market for around $745,000 on average.

Moving to Seattle: Seattle Skyline

Food and Groceries

After rent, food and groceries usually account for people’s largest expenses. Although eating out is a quick and tempting fix for all of us, you probably will need to purchase groceries at one point or another. When grocery shopping, we recommend that you check out Seattle’s nationwide-known market, Pike Place Market.

To give you a heads-up of what you can expect when it comes to grocery prices, we’ve compiled a list of common grocery items and their respective prices below.

Grocery ItemAverage Price
A carton of 12 eggs$3.65
1 qt. of whole milk$0.99
2 lb. of potatoes$1.57
2lb. of round beef$14.35
A loaf of bread$4.22
2 lb. of chicken fillet$11.14
2 lb. of local cheese$16.53
1 bottle of red wine$15

For that special eating out occasions, you can expect a typical one-course meal in an inexpensive restaurant can cost on average $17.25 while a three-course meal for two people oina a mid-range restaurant can cost around $80.


Seattle is a city well-equipped with every type of public transport you will need. When it comes to the pricing of such, you can expect the following:

  • A one-way ticket in public transport (metro, bus) is $2.75
  • A monthly public transport pass is $99
  • The start tariff of a taxi is around $2.60 with a charge of (approximately) $1.68 per half a mile of travel over that

If you’re planning on bringing your vehicle with you, keep in mind that the average shipping costs of such can range between $500 and $1,500. In Seattle, you can expect to pay around $2.47 per gallon in gas.

Moving to Seattle, depiction of the Seattle skyline


Although rainfall is quite frequent in Seattle, it doesn’t stop its citizens from having a good time. As long as you have a proper raincoat and umbrella you’d be more than good to go!

Besides having a walk along the Marina to appreciate the beautiful skyline of Seattle, there are heaps of other cool things to do in the city. We’ve compiled a list of those activities and their respective prices below.

ActivityAverage Price
One ticket to the Museum of Pop Culture$23 – $28
One ticket to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit$18 – $29
One movie ticket$11 – $15
One ticket to the Pacific Science Centre$25.95
One ticket to the Seattle International Film Festival$14
Two theater tickets$212
One cappuccino in a local café$5.37
Monthly gym membership$69

Moving to Seattle for Work

Unless you’re moving to Seattle with a job secured already, it’s very likely you’ll need to find one as soon as you arrive to the city. The good news is that the average income is higher than the national average. At the end of 2019, the median annual income for households in Seattle was $93,481 compared to the national median income of $61,937.

Generally speaking, Seattle is a well-employed city. the majority of the jobs offered in the city are tech-related, particularly due to the fact that industry giants like Amazon and Microsoft have a very strong presence in the city. However, the following industries are still quite popular:

  • Biotech
  • Health care
  • Maritime (including both shipping and fishing)
  • Manufacturing

We recommend checking out the following platforms when scouting for a job in Seattle:

  • Indeed Seattle
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor.

Moving to Seattle: Marina

Did You Know…?

  • Seattle is the most literate city in the United States
  • The 600-foot-tall Space Needle characteristic of the Seattle skyline was originally sketched on a cocktail napkin
  • Seattle has the larghouseboatboat population in the country
  • According to US census data, there are more dogs and cats living in Seattle than there are children
  • The famous Pike Place Market in Seattle started because onion prices were too high in supermarkets

We hope that you found exactly what you were looking for in this article and are more than ready to move to Emerald City! In case you need some extra help, we recommend checking out the pages we have listed for you below. We wish you the best of luck during your move! ☘