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Oregon Moving Companies: How to Find the Best Fit for Your Move?

Planning a move to the Beaver State? If so, then probably interested in being able to find a good moving company that will not only take you from A to B, but also make your move as stress-free as possible.

Making a choice among the many Oregon moving companies that exist can be a bit overwhelming. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the main steps you should follow to find the best mover in Oregon:

  • Measure the volume of your move;
  • Request quotes from multiple movers;
  • Evaluate each mover that contacts you on:
    • Moving services included and equipment;
    • Customer reviews (Tip!: You can find tons of customer reviews for hundreds of moving companies in our site!);
    • Licenses and certifications;
    • Moving insurance conditions.
    • Narrow down the list of potential movers and request an in-home survey from each of them –carefully evaluate the final price they give you.
  • Make your final choice –make sure you carefully review every detail of the contract proposed by the mover of your choice!

Movers in Oregon: Reviews

Money, money, money… It’s no secret that moving will definitely require you to invest quite some money, so we can imagine that sticking to your budget is definitely high up in your priority list. We still believe, however, that it’s important for you look a bit beyond costs and also evaluate the quality of the services offered by Oregon moving companies. One of the easiest way to evaluate this is by looking at customer reviews online (Tip!: You can find tons of customer reviews for hundreds of moving companies in our site!).

Of course, positive customer reviews are the best indicators of not only a trustworthy moving company, but also of one that offers high-quality services. But, always take them with a grain of salt! Take your time to seek out reviews across different platforms and compare what different customers have to say. Remember that while customer reviews are a great source of information, extremely positive and/or negative reviews can oftentimes be misleading.

Unable to Choose Among Oregon Moving Companies?

We know that moving requires you to make a lot of big decisions. So, we understand if you’re struggling on taking the final steps to make the big move. If you don’t want to miss out on the best Oregon moving companies, at Sirelo we can help make your move easier!

By filling out our simple quote form, we can put you in direct contact with up to 5 moving companies. This will allow you to compare between quotes, and ultimately select the one that suits your needs the best!